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HATS! Hats! and even more HATS!
Free knit and crochet hat patterns for all ages and styles, we even have those popular animal hat patterns!

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Bev's Guidelines for making hats

Children-Adult hats

Critter Caps - animal hats galore

Newborn and baby hats at bottom of page

Pioneer Bonnets

Simple hat calculator - offsite

Great yarn for making hats:


* Height given is measured BEFORE the brim is already folded up - from the base of the un-folded up brim to the center top of hat.  They can be made taller if you want a larger brim to fold up - I like the brim fold up over the ears for added warmth.  On newborn hats I plan to fold up about 1" to turn up for the brim, on adult hats I usually figure 2" to 3" so ears are covered.

Head Circumference 13" - 14 "  hat circ = 11.5" - 13" Hat height = 5.5 to 6"

Baby - 3 to 6 months  
Head Circumference: 14" - 17 "  Hat height= 6.5 - 7"

Baby 6 to 12 months
Head Circumference: 16" - 19 "   Hat height = 7.5"

Toddler - preschooler (12 months - 3 years) 
Head Circumference: 18" to 20 "   Hat height = 8"

Child (4 - 10 years) 
Head Circumference: 19" - 20 1/2"  Hat height =8.5"

Pre-teens and Teens 
Head Circumference: 20 1/2" - 22"   Hat height 9-10"

Adult Woman
Head Circumference:  21.5" - 22.5"  Hat height = 11" 

Adult Man
Head Circumference:  23" - 24"  Hat height = 11"-11.5" 


Bev's Baby Ribs Hat - sized from micro-preemie to 9 lb newborn

Bev's Beginner Hat - (K) newborn sized

Bev's Bumpy Baby Hat!  (C) can be adapted to any size

Bev's Carousel Cap for Preemies  (C)

Bev's Crocheted Striped Baby Hat (C)

Bev's Dr. Baby Hat    (K)  fits newborn from 6 lbs thru 10 lbs

Bev's Easy Round Baby hat (C)

Bev's Earwarmer Loom knitted NB toque (L)

Bev's Hat and MITTS for Conrad -  (K)  Toddler sized

Bev's Holiday Preemie hat (C)

Bev's Colonial Mop Cap  (C)

Bev's 'Minion' Preemie/Newborn hat (C) make lots for our hospitals!

Bev's Size 3 needle Baby Hats (K) Newborn and preemie 

Bev's Preemie in the Round Hat ~ (C)

Bev's Secret Striped Preemie Hat  (K)

Bev's Summer Preemie hat ~  (C) crocheted in shells

Bev's Stretchy Knit Preemie Cap  ~  (K) quick and cute!
Bev's Triple Preemie Knit Hats ~  (K)

Bev's HATS! HATS! HATS!  - (C) for newborns

Bev's Size 3 needle Baby Hats (K) 

Bev's Newborn Hat in the Round (C)

Bev's LOOMED Hat and MITTS for newborns (L)

Bev's LOOMED Newborn hats (L)

Bev's LOOMED Reversible Hat (L)

Bev's Newborn PUMPKIN hat -  (C)

Hat and Mitts by Beth and Bev!  (K)

Old-Fashioned Toboggan Cap for babies

Adult-sized Hats by Bev!  Cozy and 'cool'!

Bev's 5000 Hats (K)

Bev's Bear Beanie photo
Bev's Bear Beanie! -  (C) 

Bev's Basic knit hat in all sizes!  (easy!)

Bev's Basic Hodge-Podge/Hobo Beanie (C

Bev's Beginner Newborn hat (K) great for teaching beginners to knit

Bev's Family Crocheted Hat and knit kid lid (C)

Bev's Freestyle Knit Hat with topnotch (K) 

Bev's Groovy Granny Hat (C)

Bev's Hat and Mitten Combo for preschoolers-  (C)

Bev's Granny Square hat - (C)

Bev's Knitted Beanie Topper (K)

Bev's "Josh-Groban" Beanie  (K)

Bev's Basic Stretchy Knit Hat- (K)  all sizes aged 3-adult!  New location

Bev's Quick Hat for Kids and Women (C) 2 sizes in DC

Bev's Slouchy hat for teens and older  (C)

Bev's Softest Cap for Kids (K)

Bev's Warm-Me Hat  (C)

Bev's Warm-Me-Up2-Hat

Grandma Liz's Hat (K) I made up this pattern after a hat my mom made me to take to college

Old-Fashioned Toboggan Cap for babies (K)

WC- Hat -- (C) version by Bev, originally from BYU Women's Conference

For sale by BEV- Slouchin' Around Hat pattern (C)  


Other hat patterns on Bevs
Alan's Loopy Touque/hat (Made on the BOND knitting machine) No photo

Beth's Cotton Summer Hat (C)

Bonnie's Helmet Liner (K) great for the troops or the homeless

More Chemo Caps

Margaret's Hat (K)

Hats on the web!

1898 Hat (K)

220 Cascade Fairailse Hat  (K)

2 Color Slouch Beanie (C)

Abigail Newborn Scalloped BonnetArchived copy   (C) 0-3 months size

Adult Chemo Hats - good for winter hats too (C)

ABC: Alison's Beginner Hat - (K)

Alan's Loopy Touque/hat (Made on the BOND knitting machine) No photo

Amelia hat with flower (C)

Angry Cardinal bird hat (C)

Angry Red Bird hat (K)

Baby Tart (K)

Basic Bucket hat-with Brim (C)

Basic Double Crochet hat (C)

Basic Ear Flap Hat (K)

Basic Earflap Hat (K) teens

Basic Rolled Brim Hat (K)

Beth's Cotton Summer Hat (C)

Beret - faux brioche (K)

Beret - slouchy (K) 

Bev's Bear Beanie! -  (C) 

Bev's Basic knit hat in all sizes!  (easy!)

Bev's Beginner Newborn hat (K) great for teaching beginners to knit

Bev's Family Crocheted Hat and knit kid lid (C)

Bev's Freestyle Knit Hat with topnotch (K) 

Bev's Groovy Granny Hat (C)

Bev's Hat and Mitten Combo for preschoolers-  (C)

Bev's Granny Square hat - (C)

Bev's Knitted Beanie Topper (K)

Bev's knitted Josh Beanie   (K)

Bev's Basic Stretchy Knit Hat- (K)  all sizes aged 3-adult!  New location

Bev's Slouchy hat for teens and older  (C)

Bev's Softest Cap for Kids (K)

Bev's Warm-Me Hat  (C)

Bev's Warm-Me-Up2-Hat (C)

Blue Wave Hat (K)

Bojangles knit hat - (K)  gorgeous colors!

Bonnie's Helmet Liner (K) great for the troops or the homeless

Boy Beanie Hat (C)

Boyfriend Hat (K)

Cable Crocheted hat (C)

Canadian Living Cosy Hat  (K)

Cashmere Hat (K)

Cassie's Teen-Adult Beanie - with ribbon beading (C)

Chunky hat/scarf combo (C) archived copy

Chunky Ribbed Hat - (K)

Chemo Cap-   basic rolled brim  (k)
More Chemo Caps at Bev's

ChicKnit Beanie (K)

ChicKnits Ribbed Hat (K)

Child's slouchy hat with peak (C)

Coats and Clark GOTCHYA COVERED hat - (K) ARCHIVED copy -  preemie through adult

Coats and Clark GOTCHYA Covered hat 2  - (C)  ARCHIVED copy -  preemie through adult

Cone Hat - (C) like a stocking cap but you start at the top ARCHIVED copy

Convertible Hat/Cowl Neck Scarf! (C)

Crazy Beanie for Kids (C)

(1-skein) Crochet Beret and scarf (c) from JoAnn's

Crochet Beret (C)

Crochet Stripes Hat   (C) Free membership needed

Divine Hat (C)

Double-Double Crochet Hat (C)

Double-Layer Sockyarn Hat (K)

Earmuffs -   (C) archived

Earflap Knit Hat (K)

Easy Balaclava (K)

Easy Cable Hat (C)

Easy Fleece Hat for kids  (S)

Easy Garter hat with brim    (K)

Farrmer's Market Hat (K)

Fern Glade Beret (K)

Fisherman's Rib Stay Warm Hat  (K)

Fishing Island Hat   (K)

Fleece Hat (S) 

Floppy Brim Hat for kids (Lion Brand)

Floopy Hat  (K)

Flower Hat for little girls  (K)

Flurry Flap Hat (3 sizes) (K) pdf file

Fun70's Granny hat (C)

Garter Stitch hat (K)

Grandma Liz's Hat (K) I made up this pattern after a hat my mom made me to take to college

Granny Hat from Lion Brand (C) super fun to make with Bon Bon yarn

Granny Square hat for girls (C)

Honey I lost my HAT! (K) on Ravelry

Hood Hat (C)

Jimmy's Bulky Beanie Hat - (K)

Kids Whip My hat (C) on RedHeart

Knit Adult Hat (K)

Hat and Mitts by Beth and Bev!  (K)

Hat & Scarf for boys (C) from red heart

Helmets in all different stitches - (C)

Johnny's Stew basic hat  (K)

Jacquards vertical stripes   (K)

Josh's Beanie Hat - (K)

Julia Roberts Knitted hat - (K) like she wore in Step Mom- NEW location 

Kay Kays Watchmans Cap (C) 

Knitted Watch Cap (K)

Kureyon Skull Cap(K) 

Ladies Crocheted Helmet (C) at crochetpartners

Lamb's Pride Hat - infants and kids size (K) at needlebeetle

Lion Brand Hat and Scarf Set (crochet)

Lion Brand Wool Spun Hat  (C) at Lion Brand

Little Knight Boys hat -Period of Purple

Lollipop Hat (K) for ladies

London Beanie (C)

Luxury Lid Hat (K)

Lyra's Cap (K)

Lyre Bubbly Hat (K)

Margaret's Hat   (K)

Men's and Women's Beanie (C)

Meredith Hat (C)

Mesh Newborn Hat (K) (2nd pattern down)

"Mickey" Mouse Ears hat (C) 2 yr old but can be adjusted

Mickey Mouse Hat (C)

Mickey Mouse Hat (K) pdf

Minnie Mouse Hat (C)

Misty Hat (K)

(ARCHIVED) Mitered Hat (K)

Mo Hat (K)

Mock Cable Hat (K)

Mock-cable Starfish Hat (K)

Mock-Cable-Rib Hat (K)

Monday Night Hat (K)

Monk Hat (K)

Monmouth Cap (K)

Montague Hat (K)

Morgan Ivy Cap (K)

Moriarty Hat (K)

Mountain Nights Toque (K)

Newsboy Cap (C) with plastic peak insert - archived copy

Noro Ribbed Beanie - (K) at cityside yarns

Old-Fashioned Toboggan Cap for babies 

Patti's Slip Stitch hat  (K)

Pocket Hat - (K)

Ponder Hat - (K)

Pompom- earflap hat for adults (C)

Poof Hat - (K)

Poof Santa Hat  (K)

Post Office Hat (C)

Puffin Cabled Hat (K)

Purple hat     (C)

Puzzle block beanie   (C)

Pythagorean Hat & Scarf (K)

Quickly Brimmed cap for kids (C)

Quick-n-EZ Caps  (K)

Quick easy winter beanies (C)

Quick santa hat  (C)

Quick-to-crochet hat  (C)

R2D2  Star wars Hat (K)

Racer cap  (C)

Rachael hat  (C)

Rainbow's Eve hat (K)

Raspberry stitch beanie  (C)

Raspberry Stitch Slouch Hat

Rasta hat   (C)

Rasta hat   (C)

Really easy slouchy beanie   (C)

Reversible Soy Wool Stripes Hat  (K)

Reversible 2 needle hat -   (K)   at Frugalhaus

Ribbed Hat (C)  at Mielke's Farms

Ribbed Beanie   (K)

Ribbed Caps  (K)

Roll Brim Hat (K)

Ribelation Hat (K)

Roll Brim Hat from tropicalyarns (K)

Sailor Hat (ribbed design) (K)

Sandra's Winter Hats  (C)

Santa Hat   (K)

Santa Hat (K)

Scarf and Catcher cap - from the 1970's!

Scarf Hat   (K)

Scarf Hat   (K)

Scrapbuster Hat (C)

Seaman's Cap    (K)

Simplest Cap - (K)

Slightly Slouchy Cable knit Hat - (K)

Slightly Slouchy Hat - (K)

Slouch for All Seasons Hat - (K)

Slouch Hat 2 - (K)

Slouchy Hat  - (K)

Snowboarder hat that rocks! (K) 

Snowboarder Skully (C) Archived

Southern Lights Earflap Hat  (K)

Sandra's Bobble Hat for Women  (K)

Sandra's Womens/Teens Hats  (C)

Seafarer's Watch Cap - on 2 needles (K)

Sesame Street hats (C)

Soft Ladies Hat  (C)

Sock Monkey Hat at Knitty (K) 

Spin Cycle Hat (K)

Spiral Top Daisy Teen Hat   (C)

Stretchy Slouchy Stripey! (C)

Subtle Twist Hat (K)

Tam-'O-Shanter (K) Irish tam

The London Beanie - (K)

TinyTot Knit Helmet Hat-  (K) CUTE!

Toboggan Hat for Toddlers  (K)

Toddler Crocheted Helmet (C)

Toddler Ear-Flap hat   (k) moved to

Treasure Slouch hat (K)

Twede Caps (C) archived copy

Urban Jungle Hat (K) at RedHeart

Watch Me Hat (K)

White Watch Cap (K)

WWII Hats and Helmets - (K)


Adult Sheep Hat (K)

Alpaca Hat (K)

Baby Chick Hat (C)

Baby Animal Panda Hat (K)

Baby Owl Hat (K)

Bev's Bear Beanie photo Bev's Bear Beanie! -  (C)

Blue Rabbit hat for little ones (K)

Chunky Bunny Hat (K)

Fish Hat (K)

Frog Head Hat (C)

Froggy Hat and Booties pattern (Patti's) (K) 

Frog, Unicorn, Kitty Hats for kids!  (C) totally cute!

Hello Kitty Hat (K)

Kitty Cat Hat for newborns (C)

Lofty Bird Hat (K)

Minnie Mouse inspired hat (C)

Owl Hat (K)

Panda Hat (K)

Penguins Galore hat (K)

Penguin Hat (K)

Puppy Dog Hat 0-3 months (C)

Rabbit hat (K)

raccoon hat (C)

Rudolph Hat    (K)

Shark Hat (C)

Sock Monkey Hat at Knitty (K)

Sock Monkey Hat (C)


Bonnet tutorial

Grandma Minnies Sunbonnet

Handcart Trek Bonnet
----Handcart Treks

How to make a pioneer bonnet

Make your own sunbonnet

Mob Caps for kids

For the Babies and Toddlers- newborn babies lose up to 30%-50% of their body heat through the top of their heads. Hats are essential yet so many babies do not have even a simple hat. You can fix that by making a simple hat!

Bev's ABC Baby Hat Tree -  ~~<~<@   Free HAND-OUT FOR YOUR GROUPS! 

Adorable Snowman Knitted Newborn Hat

Apple Hat - (K)

Baby Bonnet- (K)Leisure  Arts

Baby Caps and MITTENS - (K)  (OLD pattern and sayz size 4 needles but check the gauge)  6 month size from knitting-crochet patterns

Baby Cherry Hat (C) at Crochet Patterns Only blog

Baby Hat, Booties and Coat pattern (photo with links to pattern)   from Knitting on the Net

Baby Hats - by Sandra

Baby Hat Knitting Pattern (K) from knittingonthenet

Baby Christmas Tree hat and matching Elf Booties (K) totally adorable! Patti is so talented!

Baby Jacquards Ruffle Hat (C) 6-24 months

Baby/kids Earflap hat (K)

Baby Mary Janes-- (C)  so pink and cute!

Baby Pigtail Hat (C)

Baby Swirls Hat -  (C) (archived from geocities- no photo) Robbie Readers

Baby Tart Hat (K)

Beary Cute Infant Hat (C)

Beth's LadyBug hat for babies - (K)  about 3-6 month size

Becky's Fruit hats - (K)

Bunny Hat for newborn baby! - adorable!! (K)

Cabled Newborn/Preemie Hat (K)

Candy Corn Hat - newborn size on Peanutzmom (C)

Circle of Hearts Hat and booties (K) P2

Cottontots Toque (C)

Court Jester Hat - (K) 3 sizes

Deb's Hexie-Baby Hat (C)

Ducky Hat and Booties (Patti's) (K)

Earflap Hat (C) P2

Elfin Hat and Booties - (C) from p2's

Eyelet Baby hat - (K) from knittingonthenet

Gayle's Hat and Blanket patterns -(C)      sized preemie to 18 months! 

Feather and Fan Baby hat (K)

Fran's Baby Hat  (K)  archived

Frog Head Hat (C)

Froggy Hat and Booties pattern (Patti's) (K) 

FullTerm Hat at Carewear(K)

Headbands (K)

Heart Hat 0-6 months (K)

Holly Days hat and booties set (K) p2's

Infant Stocking Cap (C)

Jester Hat from Carewear- preemies (K)

Jester Hat (C) ravelry download

Jester hat (K) ravelry download

Jester Ear Hat Knitted (K) several sizes-pdf

Judith's Newborn Baby Hat and Booties (C)
Kreative Kathy's Hodgepodge hat - (C) newborn to 6 months

Lady Bug hat at Carewear (C) so darling!

Leisure Arts Flower Booties (C)

Lion Brand Earflap Tweed Hat (C)

Little Sweetheart Hat at Carewear - (C)

Mock Cable Baby Hat (K) knit in the round - from knittingonthenet

More knit PREEMIE through Newborn Sized Mitts

Newborn Hat - (K) (archived from former Geocities)

P2's Christmas Tree Hat  (K)

Pixie Hat for babies   (Geocities) (C) 3 months to 2 T

Pixie Hat for newborns - stripes (K)

Pretty as  Poppy Hat for preemie or newborn - (K) at P2's

Pretty Kitty Hat at Carewear (C)

Pumpkin Newborn hat from Carewear - (K)

Pumpkin Baby Hat (K) (0-6 months)

Purple Baby Hat (K)

Reversible 2 sized baby hat - (K) 2-4 months, and 5-8 months

Rib Look Newborn Hat  (C)  from piecebypiece

Santa Baby Hat (K)

Santa Hat for babies  (K) from knittingonthenet

Scalloped Baby Hat and Mittens (C) adorable at RedHeart

Side to Side Newborn hat (C) at peanutzmom

SLK Easy Baby Hat - (C)   newborn to 3 months size

Snowman Hat for Babies-crocheted (C) 

Snowman Hat for Babies - knit

Stretchy Crocheted hat - from Loving Hugs (C)  so darling!!

Swirl on top Baby Hat (K) from P2

Tapmouse Knits- Hat (K)

Tiny Tot Helmet (K) ARCHIVED! lindaslists

Toddler Helmet (C) from CraftYarn council

Toddler Pony Tail Hat  (C) 

Toni's Bonnet and basic hat - (C)

TopNotch hat - (K) 9 months sized - knittingonthenet

Maxine's Heart Baby Bonnet - (C) 6-12 months
Melinda Gorley's Preemie patterns and Baby sizes chart (C)
Sugar and Spice Ruffled hat (C)

UMC- Baby set (hat and booties)  (C)

Vanessa's Baby Hat and Matching Booties   (C)

Some of Bev's Guidelines for making hats

 - these are things I learned from years of making hats and receiving many hats made by others.

 Always make hats a minimum of 6" - 9" tall  (see size chart at top of page)  In the past I have received many hats that were "for children and teens" that were more like skull caps.  I was able to crochet some extra rows around them to make them warm.  (If you don't know sizes or have a child nearby to try hats on, then please refer to my handy dandy size charts!)

HOWEVER... please don't make hats that are so huge you could add a handle and have a grocery bag!! If they fit your head or your husbands, they will fit a human. If not... not so much!

 Be sure hats are warm enough - hats with gaps and holes are not warm. Try it on your head and use a hair dryer to test it. If you feel that air directly on your head, they are going to feel cold winds too!  You may wish to use 2 strands held together. Consider making a larger brim that will fold way up over the ears.

 Again along those lines, if you crochet tightly, please make sure you can still open up and stretch the hat, especially the brim. I often get newborn crocheted hats made with a stiffer yarn like Red Heart Classic or even bulky yarn (!) that end up way too tight. Put your hands inside and try to stretch the hat. If it won't stretch without a lot of effort, it won't work. Hand knitted hats are usually fine for stretch as they don't work up so 'thick'.

 If you use WOOL please attach a label to indicate that. (This is for possible washing problems, and for allergies)

 Make 'charity hats' the same way you would make them for family or friends for gifts. Make them good enough to sell!

 If you smoke PLEASE wash hats at a non-smokers home! In addition to using detergent, adding a cup of white vinegar helps remove the odors. Please DO NOT spray items with perfume or put them in ziplocks with a scented dryer sheet. It won't work. If you have pets you may want to wash them items too because of allergies.

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