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Bev's Baby Minion Hat 
Copyright 2013 Beverly A. Qualheim
3 sizes - 10"-11" preemie head (12"-13.5" head) (1-3 months)
For a larger hat use this pattern and add eyes, and colored stripes to match
What you will need: Size H (5.00 mm) hook
Several yards of each of the following colors of soft worsted weight yarn.  I used Lion Brand Pound of Love for the yellow, Caron Simply soft for black and other soft yarns in my stash.
Yellow (Main color), black, white, grey, blue, (or pink for a girl)
Gauge: 4 dcs & 2 rows = 1"

Abbreviations: ch = chain, sl st = slip stitch, sc = single crochet, dc = double crochet

Starting with YELLOW:
Rnd 1:  Ch 3, make 10 dcs (12 dcs)(13 dcs)(15 dcs)  in first chain, join with a sl st to first dc.  (10 dc)(13 dcs) (15 dc) 
Rnd 2: Ch 3 (counts as a dc), dc in base of ch 3, 2 dc in each dc, join with sl st (20 dc) (26 dc) (30dc)
Rnd 3: Ch 3, dc in base of ch 3,  *2 dc in next dc, 1 dc in next dc.  Repeat from * around. (30 dc)
(39 dc) (45 dc)
Rnd 4: Ch 3, dc in base of ch 3, dc in each dc around, join with sl st (30 dc) (39 dc)

Rnd 5: Change to BLACK and repeat rnd 4.
Rnd 6: Change back to YELLOW, repeat rnd 4. (for larger sizes repeat round 4 twice, and 3 times)
Next round :  Ch 1, sc in base of ch 1, sc in each dc around. Sl st to join.
Last round:  Use BLUE (or PINK for a girl), ch 1, sc in base of ch 1, sc in each sc around.  End off. Weave in yarn ends.

EYES - make one or 2 depending on your Minion!
Rnd 1: Using BLACK, ch 2, 5 sc in the 1st chain, join with a sl st.
Rnd 2:Using WHITE, ch 1, sc in base of ch 1, *2 sc in each sc around.  Repeat from * around. Join with sl st. (10sc)
Rnd 3:  Using GREY: Repeat rnd 2.  Join, end off, leaving 6" yarn tail.  Sew eyes on across the black round, as in photos.

Use black to sew on a smile/mouth.

For Minion Character knitted Slippers CLICK HERE

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