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Bev's Double Newborn Hat
- with child and teen sizes below

Copyright 2004, 2017 Beverly A. Qualheim - All Rights Reserved
These newborn hats turned out SO cute!  Took me about an hour to make, so not bad, and certainly faster than knitting by hand.  Really warm too.  These can be made with any size looms (newborn to adult) by adjusting the amount of yarn needed.

Bev's Double hats
 23 peg newborn knitting loom- 3/4" spacing top to top of pegs
2 oz total of 3 different colored Simply Soft Yarns or other soft worsted weighht (#4) yarn

With 1st color, E-wrap twice around loom, using 2 strands.
Single knit 15 rows, 1 over 1.
Change colors, cutting off old color and tying in the new one. (This will form the brim on both hats.)
Single knit 11 rows.
Change colors to our final color.
Single knit 15 rows.
knitting off brim
Turn up the 'brim' which actually is the inside/reversable hat! 
Knit off the 'brim' as usual, cut the yarn into a 12" tail.

Remove the hat from the loom using the gathered method.  This makes a gorgeous hat for a new baby to wear!  Choose any 3 colors  to make this hat, and reverse the hat so you have 2 hats.

Child's Double Hat - fits a preschooler to age 10
Make it the same as the newborn one above, but with the following changes and use a total of about 4 oz yarn:
Use 31 peg loom (see below) 
Do 20 rows in the first color
16 rows in the 2nd color
20 rows in the 3rd color.


TEENS Double Hat
- to fit most young teens and some adults
Use  36 peg loom (see above)
Do 24 rows in the first color
20 rows in the 2nd color
24 rows in the 3rd color.

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