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Bev's Baby Dr. Hat
Copyright 2014 Beverly A. Qualheim ~All Rights Reserved

After seeing this story about an OBGYN who knits hats for the newborns he delivers, I was inspired to create a hat similar to some he knits.  I made this hat to fit a newborn about 7-8 lbs, but if you roll up the brim it fits smaller babies, and if you add a few more rows before decreasing it stretch to fit 8-10 lb baby.  Works for boys or girls depending on the colors you choose.

60 yds DK/Baby/Sport weight yarn

Size 6 circular needles  (27 cm length), (Size 6 dp needles for decreasing at top), yarn needle to weave in ends

Cast on 48 sts (multiples of  8)  - make sure you join to knit in the round, but do not twist!
Rounds 1 - 10: Knit 4, Purl 4, repeat around, ending with purl 4
Rounds 11- 26 (30 for larger newborn): Knit.
Decrease for top of hat
Round 1:(Knit 6, k2tog), repeat around. (6 decreases, 42 sts)
Round 2:(Knit 5, k2tog), repeat around. (6 decreases, 36 sts)
Round 3:(Knit 4, k2tog), repeat around. (6 decreases, 30 sts)
(Move sts to your double pointed ones now, to make it easier to keep decreasing.)
Keep decreasing in the above manner until you have 6 sts left.  
Knit those 6 sts for 6 rounds.  
Cut yarn, use yarn needle to weave remaining 6 sts of the knitting needle.  Gather tightly, and weave yarn end inside hat to secure.
Weave beginning tail of yarn inside hat also.

Please make one or more of these for your local hospitals who need them.  Always check first to see if there are needs locally.


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