Sandra Huffines Winter Hats
warm snowman
ribbed-hatRIBBED  ROUND  HAT
Copyright 2000  -  Sandra Huffines
Adult:  Ww yarn;  J or K hook

Rnd 1:  Ch5, join, work 12dc into ring, join.
Rnd 2:  Work 2dc in ea st around, join.  (24dc)
Rnd 3:  *2dc in next dc, dc in next dc* around, join.  (36dc)
Rnd 4:  Rpt Rnd 3.  (54dc)
Rnd 5-18: Alternate fpdc and bpdc around.
Fasten off.

Copyright 2001  -  Sandra Huffines
Teen or Women's Small
Red Heart Fiesta;  H hook

Rnd 1:  Ch4, join, work 8dc into ring, join.
Rnd 2-4: 2dc in ea dc around, join.  (16 - 32 - 64 dc)
Rnd 5:  *Dc in next 7dc, 2dc in next dc;  rpt from * around, join.  (72dc)
Rnd 6-17: Work even on 72dc.

Rnd 18:  Ch1, turn, working in Bk Lp Only, *sc in next st, dc in next st;  rpt from * around, join, turn.
Rnd 19-26: Work dc over ea sc, and sc over ea dc around, join.
Fasten off.  Turn cuff up.

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