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copyrighted pumkin hatBev's Pumpkin Hat
Copyright Beverly A. Qualheim 2005, 2015 - All Rights Reserved - Do not post actual pattern on ANY OTHER WEBSITE!
If you sell baby hats made from this pattern, please post a link to my site so buyers will know where you got the pattern.

This little hat is perfect for newborns or preemies, in hospitals.  Your NICU's would be very appreciative of a bag full of these cute little hats this autumn.  Call and check with them first and see how many are needed.  Thanks for reaching out and helping others.

(Abbreviations:  sl st = slip stitch, ch = chain, sc = single crochet, dc = double crochet, tr = triple crochet)

Fits large preemie 4-6 lbs  or (newborn 6-8 lbs)
1 oz Orange Simply Soft Brites - 4 ply yarn. Small amount of green yarn for top. (I used Red Heart Worsted Weight Yarn for the stem and leaf part)
Size I hook  (G hook for leaf and top)
Hat is made in a rectangle shape and folded in half to stitch side seam using the 'mattress stitch.'

Ch 18 (23)
Row 1: Dc in 2nd ch from the hook and in each ch across, ch 2 and turn.
Rows 2-3: Dc in 2nd dc from hook and in each dc across, (dc in both loops).  Ch 2 and turn being certain to dc into VERY last stitch each time.
Row 4: Dc in 2nd dc from hook and in each dc across, but this time into back loops only across row so there is a ridge.  Ch 2 and turn.
Rows 5 -16 (19) continue in this pattern going in the back loops every 3rd row so they all show on the same side.
End off.  Sew up side seam, but don't gather top.
Turn hat right side out.

Green TOP knobCopyrighted pumpkin hat
Using green and size G hook, add the green yarn at the top edge of orange hat, and sc around till you have 18  (23) even spaced scs. 
Ch 1, and then sc 2 sts together all around hat. Repeat going around and decreasing like this, till you have only 4 sts left.  This will become the stem.  Sc around and around the 4 sts for 1"  (about 5 rows).  End off and tuck in the yarn tail down inside the stem and hat.

Using green yarn, chain 9.

Make 2 sc in 2nd ch from hook, 1 slip stitch in next sc, 2 dc in next sc, 1 sl st in next, 2 triple crochet in next 2 chs.

Sl st in last 2 chains.  Now turn the leaf and go back down the other side of the original chain with the following so it mirrors the first side.
Make 2 sl sts, 2 tr, 1 sl st, 2 dc in same st,  sl st in next, make 2 sc in last 2 sts.  End off by cutting a 4" yarn tail and weave it inside hat.
Stitch leaf onto side of hat by the stem.

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