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Bev's Baby Seed Cap

Copyright Beverly A. Qualheim 2006, 2007 - All Rights Reserved
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in preemie and small newborn sizes

COPYRIGHTED seed cap and pattern!Size 3 knitting needles
1 oz Caron Simply Soft yarn

CO 53 sts (63 sts)
Rows 1-8 Knit 1, purl 1 across the row, ending each row on knit 1.
This forms the seed st brim.
Rows 9- 23 (26): Stockinette st (knit 1 row, purl 1 row)
Row 24 (27) Decrease Rows: *K1, k2 tog into back of st.
Repeat from * across.
Row 25 (28): purl
Row 26 (29): Repeat row 24 (27)

Repeat this pattern of a decrease row and then a purl row until there are about 12 sts left.  Purl across.  Cut yarn leaving a 14" tail for the side seam..
Run needle and yarn through remaining sts on needle.  Pull to draw shut to form the top.
Sew side seam.  You can add pompom to top although many hospitals don't want those now if you are making the preemie sized hats.

(from start of decrease to end, is only about 1 1/2")

Baby Ribs Cap for Babies - another fun hat to knit with size 3 needles

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