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5000 Hats Slouchy Hat

free knit hat pattern, 5000 hats challengeCopyright Beverly A. Qualheim,  2016, 2018Free knitted hat pattern

Size 10.5 (7.5 mm)  knitting needles (I used 16" circulars), yarn needle.

2 strands of worsted weight (#4) yarn held together.  You need approximately 250 yds. (229 metres)  Mix your colors, use leftovers, tie them together with square knots.

You can make this hat with or without the ridges.  The teen hat is a slouchy one - 11" tall and you could add more rows to make it even slouchier!  

Use loads of fun, bright colors, mix weird colors together, and just have fun!

Cast on 64 sts for 10-18 yr olds  (56 for 5-10 yr olds)

Rounds 1 - 8:  *Knit 2, Purl 2; repeat from * around.

Rounds 9 - 17:  Knit around.

(If you want ridges) Round 18, 19: Purl

Round 20 - 26: Knit

Rounds 27- 28:  Purl

Rounds 29 - 45 or so  (about 10.5") Knit

♥♥♥ (For smaller hat just knit for 7.5" and then decrease-- you can do the purl rounds wherever you choose)

Decrease rounds 

*Knit 2 together, knit 1, repeat from * around.

Repeat last round. 

Knit 2 together around.  Cut 8" yarn tail.

Thread yarn tail through yarn needle and then remove stitches from knitting needle onto the sewing needle. Pull tightly, and weave yarn several times around the top, back and forth, then take needle inside and repeat weaving around.  Tie what is left of the yarn tail into a square knot and snip to 1".

Make more hats!

If you want to read more about the 5000 Hats for Vegas Kids challenge, just CLICK HERE!

free  knitted hat pattern