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Knit hat by Patricia Pruitt

bevs knit hatBev's Really Basic Knit Hat

copyright Bev Qualheim 2001 - 2016  (photo on right by Patricia Pruitt)
3-5 lb Preemie; (infant/baby); (1-3 years old); (Child 4-9 years)  (tweens) (teen/woman)(large man)
Size 8 US (5 mm) knitting needles - can be made using circular needles too.
3 oz of bright colored worsted weight 4 ply yarn

gauge is 6 rows = 1"  6 sts = 1 using size 8 needles

Cast on 48 sts 3-5 lb Preemie; ( 56 sts - infant/baby); (64 sts 1-3 years old); (72 sts - 4-9 years); (76sts - tweens); (84 sts- teen/woman); (88sts-mans)
Row 1: K2, P2, K2 across line, ending with P2. 
Rows 2- ?: Repeat Row 1 until hat is 6" tall (7 1/2") (8 1/2") (9") (10") (11") (11")  from start.  This hat has a nice big cuff for warmth!  If you prefer a beanie with no cuff, just make the hat approximately 2" shorter than listed.
Decrease rows:
Row 1: *K2 together, purl 2, repeat from * across row. 
Row 2: Knit 
Row 3: (K2 stitches together) repeat across row.
Last decrease row: Knit across. 

Cut a 24" tail of yarn, thread a yarn needle with it.  Carefully pull the last row of knitting from the needle and thread the needle through every stitch.  Pull tightly then whip stitch the side seam shut.  Roll up Brim to wear.

Add a Pom Pom to the top for kids or if desired. 

Crocheted, easy hat Bev's Basic Hodge-Podge Beanie (C)

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