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KNITTED MINNESOTA WINTER HAT by Beth (& matching mittens- by Bev Q)
(Copyright 2001 Beth Koskie)

Size 10.5 needles
Double strand worsted weight (or you can use bulky/chunky yarn)

Note: size given for men; ladies, teens and schoolage children give in ( ).

Start at lower edge:
Cast on 70 (66 – 62 – 58) stitches.
Row 1: Work in ribbing of k2, p2 across.
Row 2: Work in ribbing of p2, k2 across.
Repeat these two rows for pattern, for 12 (11 – 10 – 9) inches, ending on wrong side (row 2).

To shape crown:
Row 1: K2 tog, *p2, k2 tog, repeat from * across.
Row 2: P1, *k2 tog, p1, repeat from * across.
Row 3: K1, p1 across.
Row 4: P1, k1 across.
Row 5: K2tog, p2 tog across.  Cut yarn, leaving approximately 15-20”; with yarn needles, draw yarn through remaining stitches and pull tight.  Sew seam along side and turn right side out; fold “cuff” back.

(pattern by Bev Qualheim-copyright 1998, 2009)

Sizes: 6-8 (9-10)
2 oz 4 ply yarn
2 stitch holders and sewing needle.
Knitting needles size 8

CUFF: Cast on 28 sts. Work in ribbing of k1, p1 for 12 rows.
HAND: Row 1: inc 1 st in each of first 2 sts,  k across, inc 1 st in each of last 2 sts - 32 sts.
Row 2and All even rows:  P
Row 3: K 15, place marker on needle, inc in each of the next 2 sts, place a marker on needle, k 15.
Row 5: K 15, sl marker, inc in next st, k2, inc in next st, sl marker, k 15.  Continue  to increase 1 st after first marker and before 2nd marker every k row until there are 12 sts between markers.
Row 12: P 16; sl sts to a holder, removing marker; p 10 (thumb); sl remaining 16 sts to another holder.
THUMB: Work even for 6 (8) rows.  K 2 tog across next row.  Break yarn; leave end for sewing.  Run yarn through remaining sts, draw up tightly and fasten.  Sew thumb seam.
TOP: Join yarn at beg of 2nd holder, p to end of row.  Work even on 32 sts for 14 (16) rows.
SHAPE TOP: Row 1: (k 2 tog, k2) 8 times.
Row 2: P
Row 3: (k2 tog, k1) 8 times.
Row 4: P
Row 5: K 2 tog across. Break yarn; run through remaining sts and fasten.
Make a 2nd mitten in the same manner.
Sew up seams.  I often use a hair brush to brush the inside of each mitten and make them softer.

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