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Christmas at The Cottage

Bev's 'Christmas at the Cottage' brings a picture to my mind, and hopefully to yours, of an old fashioned, homemade Christmas, complete with sweet homemade ornaments, cozy handmade presents, delicious homebaked goodies and more!!  All the knit and crochet Christmas patterns and recipes are on my pages and linked here 24/7 so you can create your own "Christmas at the Cottage" this year!  Please email me if you find any wonderful handmade Christmas links I can share on these pages.  Thanks!


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Wonderful CHRISTMAS GOODIES - more on Bev's other pages, but this is a taste...

All things Christmas
Christmas Tree Care

Christmas Tree Skirt (holly)
Christmas Java Puzzle - (Scroll down the page)
GingerBread House with photo
Holiday Food Prep. Safety Tips
Holiday Table center - very pretty
How many DAYS till Christmas?
How to starch crocheted Snowflakes etc

Snowman Poop!

520 Christmas Cross Stitch Designs
60 Crocheted Snowflakes (Dover Needlework Series)
Afghans for All Seasons (Crochet Treasury Series)
Annie's Favorite Crochet Dolls
Crocheted Gifts in a Weekend
Elegant Christmas Ornaments to Crochet
Our Best 200+ Holiday Quickies
Santa Claus : An American Treasure in Cross Stitch

Christmas Crafts Bulletin Board



Listen to Free Christmas Music all year long

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