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J Hook with baby or sportweight yarn
K Hook with worsted weight yarn

Small/Medium/Large Sizes

cbasic cap

Row 1:  Wrap yarn tightly around tip of finger three times, push a loop up through center of circle and catch with crochet hook; CH 3 (counts as first DC here and throughout); 13/14/15 DCs in circle.  Slip stitch to top of beginning CH 3 to join - do NOT turn.

Row 2:  CH 3, DC in same stitch, 2 DCs in each stitch around; slip stitch to top of beginning CH 3 to join (28/30/32 DCs).  Do NOT turn.

Row 3:  CH 3; Work 1 DC in each DC around; slip stitch to top of beginning CH 3.  Do NOT turn.

Crochet 9/10/11 rows or desired length  -- slip stitch to join -- after completing length desired - TURN.  For a boy, work single crochet, reverse single crochet or CH 2, Slip Stitch in next stitch around for trim.  For a girl, work CH 3, Slip Stitch in next stitch around for trim.  Join and fasten off -- weave in end -- turn up cuff.

Bonnet with tie

Work same as hat for first two rows.

Row 3:  Work as for hat, leaving last 3 DCs unworked.  CH 1, turn.

Row 4:  SC in between each DC around, CH 3, turn

Row 5:  DC in each SC around, CH 1, turn

Repeat Row 4 and Row 5 to complete 9/11/13 Rows total

Slip stitch in corner; CH 1, turn to work on bottom of bonnet around neck -- work evenly around neckline with SC in end of each row and in between unworked DCs of Row 2 (in center back of bonnet) to front side corner.

CH 25 (or desired length for tie) -- Turn and slip stitch (in top 2 strands of each chain) of 2nd chain from hook and along length of chain to front corner (slip stitch in corner). 

Working around the front of the hat - **CH 2, slip stitch in next stitch.  Repeat from ** across the front to corner.  CH 25 (or desired length for tie) -- work same as for opposite tie.  Slip stitch to front corner.  CH 1 and turn piece to work a slip stitch in each SC around neckline to opposite corner.  Fasten off. 

Weave in all ends

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