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Be sure to call your local hospital and see if they need these cuddly bears and dolls. When my 2 year old was run over, the hospital gave him a very simple rag doll to hold while he was in the hospital.  He treasured it and still had it in his closet 20 years later. This page features many links to patterns to make fun toys and dolls for kids of all ages!


Bev's Toys Patterns


AMIGURUMI Animals and Dolls


Handmade FOOD and other toys



Doll Clothes



 For Sale - Bev's MONKEY and Caps pattern that go with this great kids book! (C)

♥ FOR SALE: Easy to crochet Bev's FIZBEE!  Great for indoors or outdoors, of for pets!  Works even in swimming pools!!


easy to crochet cuddle blanket-toy

<------  Bev's Cuddle Blanket Toy  (C)

kaiizen dolls<------ Bev's Kaiizen Bears (C and K)    Dolls

Bev's Loomed Teddy Bear (LK)

Bev's Prayer Bear (K) floppy and cute and EASY enough for a beginner!

Bev's Kitty (C)

Bev's Sew-a-Bear    (S) free pattern to make a very easy Teddy Bear to donate to hospitals, police,wherever they are needed



Bev's Dolls and Puppets

Bev's BARBIE and Fashion Doll patterns

Bev's Church baby dolly  (S)

Bev's Easy Rag Doll (S)

Bev's "Itsa Puppet" (C) very simple and quick to make

Bev's LULU the Loomed Doll -  (L) 

BEV's Snuggly Dolly!    (C) special quick-crochet pattern to make for a children's hospital or shelter near you. 

Bev's Tiny Pocket Sized Muggin Dolly (K)  

Bev's Top-down Gnomes (K)

(Bev's) Hacky Sack/Footbag  (C)  boys love them! (girls do too!)

Bev's Pink Ribbon Bunny  (C)

Bev's Loom Knit Bear Puppet (LK)

Lulu - the Loomed Dolly - (L) using a bootie, mitten or blue KK newborn knitting loom, make this adorable dolly

Tiny Teddy Bear  (C)  Now on it's own page! Great to donate to Children's Hospitals.


 AND on Bev's Site

Bear-PairTeddy Bears   (K) on Bev's site! special quick-knit pattern to make for charity. (Photo to left!)

Becky's Bear - (C)   on Bev's site! crocheted version of the knitting Bear-Pair

Maureen's Traveling Bear (K)


Baby's First bear(C)

Basic Finger Puppet pattern  (K)

Bear Finger Puppet -
- (C) archived

Bear Hugs' ~ (S) archived...pattern and instructions

<----- Bear-PairTeddy Bears   (K) on Bev's site! special quick-knit pattern to make for charity. (Photo to left!)

Becky's Bear - (C)   on Bev's site! crocheted version of the knitting Bear-Pair

Bernat Cotton Tots Bear  (K)

Bubby Bear at    (K)

CareWear fiberfil Bear   (S)

Caron Simply Soft Brites BEAR - (C) this is darling!

Chenille Bear to crochet   (C) OFFsite ARCHIVED at Yarncat

Colin and Clare Panda patterns - archived  (S) 

Double Knit Bears  (K) archived

Freemont Yankee Doodle Bear (S)

Gail's Tiny Flat Teddy (like her doll)  (C)

Jelly Beanz Bear (C)

Jelly Beanz Bear 10" (C)'s Little Bear (K)

Kunin Bears to sew
- Archived --blossom bear  (S) 

Little Crocheted Teddy Bear  (C)

Little Boo-Boo Bear
  (c) archived

Little Knit Bear (can see photo in Explorer)

Lion Brand's Chenille Bear- (C)

Lion Brand Tiny Chenille Teddy - (C)

Mama and Baby bear-
archived  sewed  (S)

Mattel knitter bear (L) cute!

Mini-Angel Bear  (S)

Mr.Bean Bear! (K)
   the famous brown bear from Mr. Bean! (photo)

Panda Finger Puppet -
archived (C)

Rosie Bear  (C)  ARCHIVED COPY

Rupert The Bear

<---- Scrappy Bear- (C) a family favorite!!     archived copy-comes and goes


Small Pocket Bears (C)


Star Trek Teddy (C)

Twin Bears (K)

Tiny Teddy Bear  (C)  Now on it's own page! Great to donate to Children's Hospitals.

Teddy for Babies good for the youngest member of the family

Tutti Fruiti Bears (C)

Two-headed bear-(C)  ok it's a bit weird but he's cute!

Under the Sea (K)  so adorable. 


Baby Lamb (C)

Baby Seal (C)

Bear  (C)

Beaver (C)

Bitty Baby Doll (C)

Bunny   (C)

Chick Lion Brand free pattern (C)

Chicks in Shells -(C) absolutely adorable-- cute for Easter!

Elephant (C)

Giraffe (C)

Hippo (C)

Inchworm (C)

Kitties (C)

Kitten Hook Holder (C)


Lamb (C) adorable!

Little Bear (C)

Lion Brand Love Birds (C)  you need to register but it's free

Lion Brand Little lamb Egg Cozy (C)

Mouse (C)

Piggie (C) - he's adorable!

Turtle (C)

Whale (C)



8 Inch baby pattern

Bassinet Purse  (C) (no photo)

Bazaar Clown Doll  (C)

Black Haired Dolly (knit)

Bliss's Dolly -knitted

Blond Haired Tot (knit)

Child-Sized Doll (S)

Cradle Purse (C)archived

Crafty Anne's Heart Shaped Doll (C)

Curly The Clown (C)

Cybertot sewn doll

<-----'DollyHugs'- (S) great pattern and instructions

Dolly Bassinett/cradle (C)

Duduza Comfort Dolls (K)

Easy Knit Doll

Easy Sock Dolls

Fat Ginger Bread Lady Doll (knit)

Clown Doll - (S)

Clown Dolly from Granny 2 shoes -

Golly - old fashioned doll
  we had these when we were little girls in England and we loved them so much.

"Hello Kitty" Look alike (offsite) Knit and so adorable!
archived copy

Humanitarian Doll - (S) basic sewed.  Idea and info from LDS Humanitarian

Knit clown doll   (K)

Nana's Knitted Doll -
(K) very simple design and cute as a button!

Raggedy Ann and Andy - 20" tall- crocheted!

Easiest dolly!ave the Children - Denmark TEDDY BEAR (K)

<---- Small Crochet Doll for charity - (C) Bev's FAVE for LDS humanitarian!  by Gail Mayes

Shy Bob -archived (C)

Spiral Man-
(C)  twisty and cute - can be made in many colors. I think he looks like Elmo or Grover.if made in those colors.

Stripey Pocket Pal dolly - at moonarts (K)

Quick dolly Emmy

Red Haired Tot (knit)

Sock Babies


Handmade FOOD and other toys

Amish Puzzle Ball (C)

Felt Sandwich and Chips

Memory Game

more to come!


Bag of Balls - -

(Bev's) Hacky Sack/Footbag  (C)  boys love them! (girls do too!)

Hacky Sack   (C)  crocheted July 4th hacky sack

Grab-Ball for babies (S)

Wooly Ball



"Angry Bird" (C)

Bev's Cradle-purse ~  crochet pattern FOR SALE

Bev's Pink Ribbon Bunny  (C)

Bunny - pocket sized from Livejournal  (K)

Bunny- sewed (S)

Buster Bunny and others! (C) from CraftyDeb

Cool Chicken - (C) archived copy

Cradle Purse -

Dinoaurs (K)

Easter Bunny - (C)

Elephant (K) from Canadian Living Mag

Knitted Square Bunny (K) 

Martie's Tub Buds ~ washcloth puppets!

Monkey - from Canadian Living   (C) 

Monkeys (C)

Mouse- from the book- "If you Give a Mouse a Cookie" (C)

Mouse - (C) archived copy

Irene's Bunny -
(C) archived copy

Polly Pee Wee's kittys 
  (S) archived copy

Pooska the Cat

Super sock monkeys (S) use any socks

Sock Monkey  (S)

Sock Elephant


CLOTHES to make for Teddy and dolls

5" dolls

2 piece knit set (K)

Cuddles Poncho set (K)

Little Jacket and more (C)

Terry Outfit (K)

Snowtime fun! (K)

Winter Warmer set (K)

Other clothes

18" dolls Clothes set (K) perfect for American Girl dolls and more!

18" doll sweater and hat set (K)

American Girl Doll cardigan with matching one for little girl   (K)

American Girl Doll Cable knit Vest (K)

American Girl Doll Cowgirl outfit (C)

American Girl Doll sweater (K) from knittingonthenet

American Girl Doll Backpack (C)

American Girl Doll Basic Sweater   (K)

American Girl Doll Beanie Hat (C)

American Girl Doll Cable Aran Sweater   (K)

American Girl Doll Candy Cane Dress   (K)

American Girl Doll Chevron Jacket   (K)

American Girl Doll Chevron Skirt   (K)

American Girl Doll Classic Suit   (K)

American Girl Doll Dress   (K)

American Firl Doll Easy Dress (C)

American Girl Doll Easy Garter Stitch Poncho   (K)

American Girl Doll Elegant Suit   (K)

American Girl Doll Empire Waist Lace Dress   (K)

American Girl Doll Evening Dress   (K)

American Girl Doll Eyelet Hem Skirt   (K)

American Girl Doll Faux Fur Trimmed Coat   (K)

American Girl Doll Faux Fur Trimmed Hat   (K)

American Girl Doll Garter Stitch Hat   (K)

American Girl Doll Garter Stitch Scarf   (K)

American Girl Doll Godet Skirt Suit   (K)

American Girl Doll Hat   (K)

American Girl Doll Hooded Cape   (K)

American Girl Doll One-Piece Bathing Suit (C)

American Girl Doll Panties (C)

American Girl Doll Petticoat   (K)

American Girl Doll Pioneer Set (C) - really cute!!  Love it!

American Girl Doll Retro Cardigan sweater     (K)

American Girl Doll Skirt   (K)

American Girl Spring Dress (C)

American Girl Doll Summer Lace Dress   (K)

American Girl Doll Top   (K)

American Girl Doll Vest   (K)

American Girl Hat   (K)

American Girl Leg Warmers   (K)

American Girl Poncho   (K)

American Girl Ruffled Skirt   (K)

American Girl Shell Lace Nightgown/Dress  (K)

American Girl Summer sweater (C)

12"-14" Tiny Hearts Sweater   - (K) scroll down for pattern

Baby Born Lacy Bonnet (K)  archived

Baby Born Lacy Jumper/sweater (K)  archived

Cabbage Patch Knitted sweater (K)

9 1/2" Doll Dress  (C)

12" Cabbage Doll Dress (C)

Baby Doll Cap (C) crochetnmore

Baby Doll Onesie (C)

Baby Doll Dress, Shrug and bonnet  (C)

Beanie Baby Blanket (10" x 11") (C)

Beautiful Baby Cabbage Patch outfit (C)

Bev's Baby Doll Outfit (C)

Beanie Bear hat, sweater, leggings - (K)

Bev's BARBIE and Fashion Doll patterns

Cabbage Patch Dress   (C) 
archived copy- no photo

Cabbage Patch Doll Ensemble   (C) 
archived copy

Cabbage Patch kid sweater (C)  archived

Cabbage Patch Overalls and shirt (C)

Cabbage Patch Dress (C)

Cabbage Patch Dress and Booties (C)

Doll blanket for 18" doll  (C)

Doll Booties (C)

Doll Bunting (C)

Dolly Panties (K)

Doll Poncho (18" doll) (C)

Dolly Dress Up (C) archived

Dora Doll Bathrobe and accessories (C)

Dora's warm autumn outfit - (C) hats, sweater, cap and pants!

Guitar to crochet for American Doll Girl (C)

Hat and Scarf pattern

Jumper Dress for 18" doll  (C)

Medium Baby Doll Dress (S)

Pink and Yellow Dress for dolly (K)

Pilgrim Outfit for Mrs Bear   (C) 

Pink and Yellow Dress for dolly (K)

Romper and hat

Sweaters and such for bears (K) 




Animal Puppets - sewn

Bunny with Loops Puppet (C)

Carewear Finger Puppets  (C)

Farm Animal finger puppets (C) 

Froggy Puppet (C)

Hand Puppets (S) from LDS Women's Conference

Kitty Bath Mitt (C)

Sock Monkey hand puppet (C)

Snake Puppet (K)


Finger Puppets

Boy and Girl Finger Puppets (C)

Critter Finger Puppets (K)

Debs Stripey Worm Finger Puppet (C)

Debs Little Bug finger puppets (C

Farmyard Finger puppets (C)

Rabbit Finger Puppet

Poppets - children's hospital finger puppets  (K)


DON'T forget to look on Bev's  Christmas at the Cottage pages for more toys and other gifts ideas to make


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