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BEV'S 'PROCEDURE' DOLL  ~   Doll is approximately 8" tall and 6" wide after sewing.
    PRINT out this entire page and then cut out dolly pattern. 
Copyright Beverly A. Qualheim 2007, 2014 - All Rights Reserved.
You may make this little rag doll for home or for humanitarian purposes, many hospitals love them for their young patience.  Plus you may sew and sell dolls made from this pattern.    Please do not sell the pattern or post it on any other website, blog, newsletter etc.

Cut out 2 from 1/3 yd muslim, flannel, or cotton type material.
Pin to 1/3 yd material of your choice,  cut out,  paint or embroider on face where indicated on pattern; let dry. 
Sew with right sides together where indicated - 1/4" seam allowance. 

Stitch together around edge, leaving about 2" open on one side for stuffing.
Cut a V into each curve to make it turn more easily.
Double stitch over doll crotch to reinforce.
Leave opening for stuffing and flip right side out, stuff with fiberfil. 
Sew closed by hand.  Add hair if you wish, I usually sew on a few strands of hair in the middle since it's a baby doll.
Make a little diaper or basic hospital gown, from flannel or cotton.

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