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Lulu the Loomed dolly
Beverly Qualheim - copyright 2005, 2017 - All Rights Reserved
bev's loomed dolly

Materials needed:
16 peg mitten loom, or  flower loom. The larger dolls to the left are made using a mitten loom, but I have seen them made using a newborn loom.

flesh colored yarn - 1/2 oz  use 2 or 3 strands throughout
yarn for the clothes or diaper - 1/2 oz  use 2 or 3 strands throughout
A bit of poly-fiberfill.

How to make: (You don't have to do this exact number of rows-- just do enough till it is the length you want)
Start at the top of the dolly's head and *single stitch 8 rows using 2 or 3 strands.
Change colors
Knit 19 more rows.  OR you can knit 22 rows in the flesh color then change to white for a diaper and you can make that diaper 5 rows. 
End off using the gathering stitch.

After removing from the loom, fill with polyester fiberfill.  Take a needle and the initial yarn tail that was wrapped around the peg to start the head, and gather the top of the head.

Use same yarn as the body, or choose a complimentary one, and make a hat.

Using the same loom, knit 7 rows.  Remove the hat from the loom.  The brim will roll  and can be placed directly on the top of the head.

I used some yarn and wove a gathering stitch around the neck which I tied in a double knot/bow.
Use black yarn to make a simple face. 


I use black yarn usually and start at the top of the head, go down to the eyes and make a _ _
Then I do the mouth the same. 
Lastly I go back up to the top of the head and out.  Now, I carefully tie the 2 strands up there into a knot without pulling tightly on the eyes or mouth sts.  And I separate the strands to make 'hair'. =)
* Single Stitch here is using 2 strands held together as one, and knitting those 2 strands over 2 strands.




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