Bev's crocheted dollyBev's Snuggly 10" Dolly
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What little girl can resist snuggling this dolly?  She is easy to crochet, and you can fashion her some warm clothes. Dolly even has a little sleeping bag that is a simple shell stitch square, folded in half and stitched partially up the front.  Just slip dolly in there and kiss her good night.
Great to make for Children's Hospitals or other Charities!

You need:
about 3/4 oz of pink or brown 4 ply worsted yarn for dolly
1/4 oz of 4 ply worsted weight yarn for clothes
Size G Crochet hook
carded wool or polyester fiberfill
Needle for stitching pieces together

DOLLY is made in small rectangles, fold in half and stitch up to form body parts

LEGS: Make 2
Ch 14
Rows 1-8 sc in every st, ch 1, turn (13 sts)
end off - leave 5" tail for stitching

ARMS: Make 2
Ch 11
Rows 1-7 sc in every st, ch 1 turn (10 sts)
end off - leave 5" tail for stitching

BODY: Make 2 pieces (front and back)
Ch 15
Rows 1-9 sc in every st, ch 1, turn. (14 sts)
end off - leave 8" tail for stitching

HEAD: Make one piece
Ch 11
Rows 1-13 sc in every st, ch 1, turn. (10 sts)
end off - leave 5" tail for stitching

1) Fold legs in half lengthwise, and stitch down side and across foot.  Leave top open for stuffing.  Stuff.
2) Do the same with arms...
3) Place body rectangles together.
Start stitching at top and go down about 1/4 ", insert one arm about 1/4" inside the 2 rectangle, and stitch it in place. Continue stitching down the side (both pieces together) until you get to the bottom.  Place a leg about 1/4" inside the opening and stitch that in place, do the same with the 2nd leg.  (They will be next to each other.)
4) Stitch up the other side until you reach the place where the 2nd arm will be inserted and stitch it in place.
5) Finishing stitches to the top of body.
6) Insert head into the middle of the top of the body.
7) Stitch from shoulder in to head and secure head on top with stitches around it.

Use brown, blue, or green to stitch a couple of eyes on face.
Use small piece of red yarn to stitch a little mouth.
Make a couple of body color stitches for a nose.

Use colored yarn for hair.  I just stitched several pieces of yellow yarn and tied them off and snipped them.  Then I opened the yarn to make it look more like fuzzy hair.

dolly blanket

Ch 14
Rows 1-21 sc in the back loop only of every st, ch 1, turn. (13 sts)
End off leaving a tail.  Fold in half and stitch up side. Gather the top of the hat and make a pompom for the top.  Add that.

Ch 40
Rows 1 and 2.  Sc in both loops across and ch 1, turn. (39 sts)
End off. Tuck in tails of yarn.

Ch 40
Rows 1-7: Sc in each stitch across.
(39 sts)  As you are single crocheting,  decrease 2 sts in each row.   (This gives the skirt it's shape)
End off.
Row 8: Add a contrasting color and dc around.  End off.
Row 1 of bodice: Add contrasting color 2 sts from the center of the front of skirt.
Row 2 of bodice:  Make 8 dc. Ch 3, turn.
Row 3 of bodice: Make 8 dc, ch 1, turn.
Row 4 of bodice: Sc across row.
Make a ch of 9 and sc it to the middle back of the dress top.  Ch 9 and sc to opposite side of bodice.
Add a sc ruffle around the bottom of the dress if you wish.

Make a granny square or shell st small blanket that will wrap around dolly.  Fold in half and stitch across bottom of blanket, then back to middle and back up 3/4 way.  This should be enough to form a sleeping bag for Dolly.

Enjoy making Dolly, and creating new clothes for her.

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