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Bev's Prayer Bear

I worked on this pattern last winter and wanted to post it on here now that it is out of my notebook and typed up. I know LDS Humanitarian can use thousands of bears for the little ones, and so can so many other charities. I hope you will make one for a charity you support. It's a little bear that is made with love and prayers for the one you make it for. He could certainly have a little scarf or vest if you want to add that.

He can be made using up scraps too, rather like the classic Scrappy Bear.


Bev’s Prayer Bear
Copyright Beverly. A. Qualheim, 2008
Size 8 dp needles (4) Can be made on straight needles and then sew the seams.
2 oz soft ww yarn
(Red Heart Soft)

LEGS: Cast on 15 sts. Divide evenly on 3 needles (5 on each)
Knit around for 22 rnds
Rnd 23: *Knit 2 together twice, knit 1, repeat from * around. (9)
Rnd 24: Knit 2 together around, knit 1 at end (6).
Cut 10” yarn tail.

Use tapestry needle and yarn to remove sts from needles.
Make another leg.

Cast on 15 with 5 sts on each of 3 dp needles.
Knit for 15 rnds.
Rnd 16: *k 2 tog, k 1. Repeat from * around (9)
Rnd 17 - *k 2 tog, k 1; repeat around. (6 sts)
Cut yarn 10”, thread on tapestry needle and carefully remove remaining sts from knitting needles
Pull tight and weave through several times.
Make another arm

Cast on 33 sts
Place 11 sts on each of the 3 needles. Knit 30 rows.

Decrease: Rnd 1: k2 tog across each needle and there will be 1 st left at end – knit that. (18 sts)
Rnd 2: K2 tog around. (9 sts)
Cut yarn, thread onto tapestry needle and sew remaining sts off needles.
Sew bottom of body shut. Stuff with fiberfil.
Weave yarn in and out at the neck on the outside, and continue stuffing. Gather top shut.

Cast on 15 sts – 5 on each needle
Knit 5 rows
Decrease as for head, k2 tog. For 2 rows. Gather. Stitch to top of head.

Stuff arms and legs and stitch ends shut flat. Sew to body in appropriate places. Use black yarn to stitch on a little face. You could do anything for his face really, this is just one example of how it could be done.


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