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    Bev's Krocheted Kitty ~Copyright Beverly A Qualheim 1992, 2010

    4 ply worsted weight yarn
    approx. 3 oz
    Crochet hook size H

    Kitty Head and Body
    Make these the same...
    Ch 4 and sl st in the first ch to make a small ring.
    Rnd 1: Make 6 sc inside the ring
    Rnd 2: 2 sc in each sc around. (12 sc)
    Rnd 3: (sc in next sc, and 2 sc in next sc) do this 6 times (18 sc)
    Rnd 4: (sc in 2sc, and 2 sc in next sc) 6 times (24 sc)
    Rnd 5: (sc in 3 sc, and 2 sc in next sc) 6 times (30) sc
    Rnds 6-13: Work even in sc on the 30 sc for each rnd.
    Rnds 14-17: * Sc in 2 sc, dec 1 sc, repeat this from * around until you have 10 scs.  Sl st in next st and end off.  Stuff head.

    Now make another ball like this for the body.  Stuff body and sew to head around the open ends.
    TAIL: Ch 4; sl st in first ch to form a ring.
    Rnd 1: Make 6 sc inside ring.
    Rnd 2: (2 sc in next sc, sc in 2 sc) twice. (8 sc)
    Rnds 3-8: Work even on the 8 scs.
    Rnd 9: 2 sc in next sc and sc in 7 sc (10 sc)
    Rnd 10-17: Work even on the 10 scs then sl in the next sc.  End off and stuff tail.  Sew to base of kitty's body.
    EAR: Make 2 of course :-)
    Ch 5
    Row 1: sc in the 2nd ch from the hook and in next 3 chs (4 scs)
    Row 2: Skip first sc, sc in 3 sc
    Row 3: Sk first sc, sc in 2 sc
    Row 4: Sk first sc, sc in last sc and end off.  You now have a triangle. Make a 2nd ear and sew one to each side of kitty's head.

    Stitch on a face using DMC/embroidery floss or yarn.

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