Bear Pair Teddy Bears 
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You can find the 'crocheted teddy bear' version is here


Bears are often needed for Children's Hospitals, Police programs, Shelters and more!  This little guy is a sweetie.

Materials for different sizes
Baby yarn and #2 needles for TEENY BEAR
Sports Yarn and #5 Needles

Baby Yarn-3 ply and #6 Needles (Makes a sweet small bear like the blue one below - he's 7.5" tall)
Worsted Weight soft 4 ply yarn and #8 Needles  Bear is 9.5" tall 

Cotton batting or polyester fiberfill to stuff bears
(use Garter stitch throughout =  knit every row)

Leg #1:
Cast on 8 stitches
Garter stitch 16 rows
Leave tail and cut yarn
Leg #2:
Same as #1
Knit across both legs (16 stitches)
Garter stitch for 16 rows
Cast on 8 stitches at the beginning of each side (32 stitches)
Garter stitch for 8 rows
Cast off 8 stitches at the beginning of the next two rows (16 stitches)
Garter stitch for 7 rows
  Eyes:  (You can also use scribbles paints to do eyes etc)
K5, K1 in contrast color (eye), K4, K1 in contrast color, K5
Repeat for a 2nd row
Continue working until a total of 38 rows total from start of head, are done
Repeat arms as above
Repeat body as above
Knit 8 stitches as leg instructions above and bind off (put other 8 stitches on holder)
Pick up stitches from holder and work as above

Fold bear in half and sew seam starting at the bottom of one foot, go up and around leaving between legs open for stuffing.  Turn bear right side out, stuff starting at head,  arms, then body, and legs.  Neatly stitch leg opening closed.  Draw up neck with yarn and tie in a triple knot - add bow and sew securely. 

EARS: they are just part of the head and need to be stitched in with yarn.  You just stitch across like a corner, to form a triangle,  on each side of the head and pull it a little bit to make the ears. 

(Bevs note: I made a bow using 2 yarns, and I made a chain of 45. I also added the little face above with a black nose-- The eyes and nose are just stitched on with black yarn using a yarn needle.  I think I went back and forth 2 or 3 times for the eyes, 4 times for nose, and the mouth is just 1 stitch down from nose and then one stitch to the left, and one to the right.  I pulled the yarn through to the back of the neck and did 3 little stitches, or you could tie a knot.  The bow will cover it.The ears I just did a couple of gathering stitches where the ears are, using the same color yarn.)

LDS Missionary bear

Meet LDS Missionary Bear!
This little guy is perfect to make for friends who have a son on a mission, maybe for the missionary himself, or for your little ones to take as a quiet toy for Church.

The bear was made using White Simply Soft, number 4 needles.  He has a blue neck tie that was made with a 6" long single crochet chain.  And a black badge that is merely stitched with 3 sts of black yarn.


Thease adorable bears were knitted by Linda Martin!  They all end up being given to someone who needs a small bear-friend.  Thanks for sharing Linda!

Linda Martin's  Bears              

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