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Bev's Dolly Outfit
Copyright Beverly A. Qualheim, 2007 - All Rights Reserved

These are for a 12" baby doll but could be easily adjusted to fit larger or smaller dollies:

Copyright Beverly A. Qualheim 2007
Size G hook
Sport weight or worsted weight yarn
Rnd 1: Chain 3 (counts as 1st dc) and dc into the 1st chain. Make 5 more dc into same hole. (7 dcs)
Rnd 2: 2 dc in each dc around, join with sl st into top of initial ch 3. Ch 3 (14 dc)
Rnd 3: dc in each dc around, join with sl st into top of ch 3, ch 3.
(14 dcs)
Rnd 4: dc in each dc around. Join with sl st in top of ch 3. Ch 1.
Rnd 5: sc in every other st around (so you are decreasing). Join and ch 1. (7 sc)
Rnd 6: sc in each sc around. Join, ch 1. (7 sc)
Rnd 7: sc in each sc around. Join and ch 2.
Rnd 8: *sl st into next sc, ch 2 and repeat from * around (you are making picot edge around). Join with sl st and finish off.

Bev's Baby Doll Bonnet
Copyright 2007, Beverly Qualheim
Size G hook and less than 1 oz of Baby Yarn like Caron CuddleSoft

1) Ch 3, dc into 1st chain, dc 14 more in same chain, join with a sl st into top of first ch 3. (15 dcs made)
2) Ch 3, dc into same dc, 2 dc into each dc around, join with st st into top of ch 3. (20 dc)
3) Ch 3 (counts as 1st dc), dc into same stitch. DC into next 26 dcs, ch 3, turn
4 - 7) Dc into same ch 3 st, and into each dc across. Ch 1, turn
8-10) Going across the back/bottom of the bonnet - 20 sc evenly across. Ch 1 turn (you can also decrease at the back/base of bonnet by skipping a sc in the middle on each row.)

(Optional) Final rows on front of bonnet. Ch 3, *skip 1 st, sc into next. Repeat from * across. Ch 3 and turn. Repeat last row alternating which stitch you skip to every other stitch that was not worked on the last row. Creates a pretty ruffle in the front of the bonnet.
End off and weave in ends of yarn inside the bonnet.
Use a ribbon to weave through the last row of the front of the bonnet, before the ruffle was added or around the base of the bonnet- your preference. You could also make a chain to fit and tie (about 15" long)
The hat can be enlarged if you wish, by increasing the stitches in the 3rd round-- making 2 dc in every other dc, and then crochet 12 -13 rows for bonnet.

Bev's Dolly Bloomers
Copyright Beverly A. Qualheim 2007
G Hook, 4 ply white yarn (1/2 oz or so)

Ch 27
Rnd 1, Sc in each ch around (26 sts). Do NOT join, but you can place a marker here to tell where the round starts..
Just keep going around in sc, for a total of 8 rounds
Rnd 9 (Leg)
Sc half way around and then fold the bloomers sides together and join in the middle 2 scs on each side, with a dc.. Ch 3 (counts as first dc)
Dc around one leg in each sc around. (15 sts)
Rnd 10 - Dc in each dc around, join.
Ruffle: Rnd 11 - *ch 3, sl st into next dc. Repeat from * around joining with a slip stitch. End off.
2nd leg: Join yarn in any sc at top of leg. Ch 3, dc in each st around, join, ch 3
Rnd 2: dc in each dc around, join, ch 2.
Rnd 3 (ruffle): sl st into next dc, ch 3, sl st, into next dc, repeat around, join, end off.

Bev's Baby Doll Sweater
Copyright 2007 Beverly A. Qualheim
Size H hook, 1 oz baby yarn or sport weight

Ch 22 for bottom front
Row 1: DC in 3rd ch from hook, and in each ch across, ch 3, turn (20 dcs)

Rows 2-6: Dc in each dc across. Ch 3 at end of each row except row 6, just turn (20 dc)
Row 7: Ch 10 for sleeve, turn and dc in 2nd ch from hook, dc in each ch across arm and then across sweater. (9 dc for sleeve)
Row 8: Ch 10 for other sleeve, turn, dc back down sleeve (9 dc), dc in each dc across body.
Rows 9 - 12: Continuing dc across each row, ch 3 at end and turn.
Row 13: dc in 12 dcs, ch 12, (head opening) skip 12 dc, then dc into next dc and dc in next 13 dcs, ch 3, turn
Rows 14-17: dc in each dc across, ch 3, turn.
Row 18: dc in each dc across, ch 1, turn
Row 19: sl st in 9 sts, ch 3, and dc across row. Ch 3, turn.
Rows 20- 24: Dc in each dc across, and ch 3 at end of each row, except last one.

End off. (Cut a long 15" tail to stitch up sides of sweater.)

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