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Updated April 2016

Crocheted teddy bearBev's Kaiizen Teddy Bear
for Kaiizen Kids Orphanages
Copyright 2015 Beverly A. Qualheim

Size F hook
Worsted Weight yarn #4 (10 ply in Europe)

Chain 21 - leaving an 12" length of yarn to sew base/legs later, join into a circle with a slip stitch. (You can make this flat too by not joining, and then seaming the back shut when done with the rectangle- sc 22 rows)
Round 1: Sc in each chain around, do not join
Rounds 2- 22: Sc in each sc around.
Cut yarn and weave through extra sts to close.

(Ears- version 1: Chain 6, sc in nearest ch from the hook.  Hdc in next ch, dc in middle ch, hdc in next ch, sc in last ch. End off leaving enough yarn to sew ears on head.  I like to sew a running stitch through the base of the ears and pull slightly to gather, and then sew onto head.)

Alternate way to do ears and a stitch guide- I prefer this way:
crochet bear stitches

Feet: Weave in and out around 'feet'/base, then pull to gather.  Sew a few sts between the legs. (see photo)
Stuff: Use fiberfil to lightly stuff the teddy bear-- fill in the legs, and up to top of head.
Neck: Sew a gathering stitch around neck and pull tightly.  Tie it in a square knot and weave in ends. (You can tie a  ribbon around the neck if you wish)
Head: Sew across the top.  Backstitch ears in top of the head as show in above photo.
Arms: Backstitch the arms as in photo above, and stubby legs just need a couple of stitches.  Use same color of yarn. Face: Using puffy paint or craft paint draw on eyes, and a nose.

All Bears, dolls, balls, hair pretties and baby/toddler blankets can be mailed to:

Joshua Brazier- Kaiizen Foundation - 221 Windrose Court, Newbury Park, CA 91320

crocheted bears

Bev's KNITTED Kaiizen Bears
Size 5 or 6 knitting needles, yarn needle, small amount fiberfil
1 oz worsted weight yarn (#4 yarn)

Cast on 26 sts 
(to knit flat rectangle) Stockinette stitch (K1 row, P the next) for 6" or so.  OR use double pointed needles and knit in the round making a tube.

Cut yarn with 12" tail.  Remove sts from the needles by threading the 12" yarn to a yarn sewing needle; sew each stitch off the knitting needles, and pull to gather top of head.  If knitted flat, also seam down the back.

Stuff as firmly as you wish with fiberfill
Sew legs and arms and ears just like the crocheted version pictured above.  The base/feet of the bear are also gathered and then stitch as shown for the crocheted version.
Embroider face, or use craft paints and let dry. 

Weave 8" yarn in and out at neck, then gather fairly tightly, tie in a square knot and tuck yarn ends inside of head.

For Kaiizen Dolls pattern- knit or crochet.. click here:
Kaiizen Doll

crocheted bears

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