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Humanitarian Dolls ~ aka Burrito Babies
pattern idea and info from LDS Humanitarian Services. Permission given to post by BYU women's conference 2004
Humanitarian DollMaterials Needed:
11" square of flannel or fleece
3 3/4" circle of muslin, knit, flannel or nylon stocking for face (it was mentioned that they need tan/brown babies)
3" length of 1/2" gathered lace
2" curled yarn (for hair)
Cut 3" x 4" body guide - cut one from cardboard
Pinking shears

1) Fold square of fabric into a triangle with peak at top. Press. Fold into another triangle and lightly press (this will be the indicator of where the center of the first triangle is); reopen to first triangle.  Pink cut edges of short sides of triangle.(do NOT cut the bottom folded area).

2) BODY: With triangle in front of you (with peak at top and folded line at bottom), find the center pressing line and place the center of the body guide on triangle center line. Draw lightly around guide.  This will be your stitching guide.  Sew straight seams frrom point A to point B on both sides.
3) A peak of triangle, separate the 2 pieces of fabric and stuff the square inside with batting.  Then on the sewing machine, sew through both thicknesses of triangle from point B to point B.  This completes the body.
4) HEAD: Using the 3 3/4" circle you have drawn, hand baste around the outside.  (I used a drinking glass to draw this).  Draw stitfches up and stuff with batting; finish pulling thread tight and finish off.  This makes the head.
5) Hand sew head at top of body sewing through one thickness of blanket, making sure you attach it very well to the body (this is important so the head will not be floppy) When you are finished, check again to make sure the head is sewn on tightly and is stable.
6) Hand sew lace on between head and body (folding ends of lace under).  This will cover up any gaps between the head and body.
7) Paint eyes and mouth on face - I use those craft paints with the squirty bottle so I can draw better.  Use regular blush for cheeks applying with cotton swab.
8) Add *hair to top of head and you are done.

*To make hair:
Curl - wind yarn tightly onto small metal knitting needle (knot ends so it stays tight).  Bake in 150 f oven for about 10 minutes (warning:  knitting needle will be HOT when removed from the oven.)  Cool completely before removing from knitting needle. Cut 1 1/2" to 2" long and sew several curls to top of head.

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