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Blessing and Bereavement Gowns
to make for Humanitarian purposes
-all made with much love

Blessing/Bereavement Gowns and Pouches - these little bereavement gowns are to help grieving parents.  Some hospitals like them open in the back and some in the front, please check with
your hospital. I know these are emotionally tough to make, as I have made a few and I cried all the time I was crocheting the first one.  But they really help so many moms and dads to not have to worry about this sad detail, they will have an outfit for their little one.
♥ Please bear in mind that most of these patterns listed below are links to other websites, and many are now archived too.  I cannot answer questions about making those, sorry.  I can only answer questions about patterns that are copyright to Beverly A. Qualheim.  ♥

Hospitals in need of bereavement gowns   -  please help them out if you can.

Thankfully, some of these gowns can be used for the babies who survive and who need a little blessing gown.

Gowns and dresses

3-5lb burial gown - (K) bundles of love website

4+ lbs Burial Gown (K) archived

4 lb preemie  sleeveless gown
(K) archived

Afghans for Angels Burial Gown (C) archived and photos don't work now

Angel Preemie Wrap - (C) archived - no photo now

Angel Shell Dress

Baby Ripple Dress (C)

Bev's Micro-Preemie Blessing Bunting (C)

Bev's Heavenly Preemie Gown (C) 

Boys Burial Gown also preemie blanket and burial pouch  (C) 

Burial Gown from Carewear 

Carewear Burial gown and cap  (C)
at Carewear

Crocheted Burial Gown - (C) open in back- Melinda Gorley's

'Cuddles' Knitted Burial Gown

Cushy Preemie gown -
archived - no photo now it's gorgeous, includes bonnet and booties. From Craftyrat creations...

Cynthia's Angel Sack (C)

Extra Small Preemie Gown
  (K) archived

Frilly Burial Gown (C) from Kathy's Crochet Cabin

Gown for Baby born asleep (K)

Janet Wolfe's Preemie and Burial Gown Patterns 

Knitted burial bunting from TLL  (K)

Knitted Burial Gown   (K) from Beth- With photo. Adorable!

Knitted Burial Gown  (K) pattern courtesy of Carewear.

Knitted Gown for Cooper Hospital  (K) archived

Long Gown with matching cap (C)

Louisa's Preemie Bunting (C) from God's Tiny Angels

Loving Pouch to Bury Tiny Babies (6" or less) courtesy of Afghans for Angels-MD Archived

Lenore's Knitted Gown
(K) archived

Martha's Preemie Wrap
  (C) for burial

Melinda's Preemie Shell Gown

Miracle babies - premature baby gowns (S)
from Australia

Newborn Angel Shell Dress -

Newborn Burial Gown
- (C)~ at Afghans 4 Angels

Original Baby Boys Burial outfit - (C)

P&J Burial Gown - bonnet (C) from God's Tiny Angels
P&J Burial Blanket (C)
from God's Tiny Angels

Precious Preemie Burial Gown - (C) 
Archived at Crochetrats No photo now

Preemie Angel Shell Dress - (C)

Preemie Baby Kimono (k)

Preemie Boy Burial Set (C) 

Preemie Burial Bunting - from Danette's Angels

Preemie Bunting - (K)  Archived copy- NO photo At 'Heart of Gold's' website

Preemie Dress (C)  ARCHIVED copy

Ruth's Burial Gown (C)

SEWING PATTERNS for gowns and such

Simple Boy Burial Gown (C) on Kathy's Crochet Cabin

Toni's Burial Gown - (C) open in back style

Tiny Burial Pouches and wraps
Aunt B's Angel Wrap (K)
Aunt B's Angel Wrap (C)

Angels Pocket (K)

Beth's Preemie Baby 'Wrap'/ burial blanket  (K)

Betsy's Fetal Demise Pouch

Burial Bunting
(C) archived

Cynthia's Angel Sack (C)

Micro Preemie pouch --(K)
archived from HAIN 

Ruth's Shell Burial Bunting

Fetal Demise Pouch

Fetal/Preemie pouch  (S) archived

Shell Burial Wrap (C) from Danette's Angels

Toni's Burial Pouch(C)

Touching Little Lives Lined Burial Pouch - (K)

Unisex Burial Wrap (C) from Danette's Angels

Burial Bonnet (S) from Sewing for Babies


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