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So many hospitals are in need of homemade warm items for their new and premature or ill babies. If you know of such a hospital, please obtain their permission first and find out specific details on who to mail items to, and what is needed. Thanks! 
To add your pediatrics ward or NICU please email BEV with the following info: Organization name, contact person's email address, mailing address, website if any, what handmade items are needed, special info like only use 100% wool, only certain colors etc.

If you wish to find places to donate your tiny baby hats, burial gowns and such, this is the page to look.  I try to keep these listings as up to date as I can.  Please email or write to the people listed for current status and needs. 


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♥ PLEASE NOTE ♥ that many places listed below do not have the means, or the personel to respond back to let you know that packages are received and appreciated.  Please make sure there is a 'tracking number' on your packages if you want to know that items were received.  And as a former preemie mom, I can tell you that your little handmade items like hats etc, ARE not only appreciated, but they bring great hope to parents who are suffering!

preemie and newborn sized hats,
burial pouches and gowns

CARE WEAR - more hospitals to donate your handmade items 

USA States in Alphabetical order
Foreign countries

Help make a difference in the lives of patients and families at Arkansas Children's Hospital! Knit or crochet hats for children of all ages through our Knitting for Noggins program. How can you make a difference? There are many ways to participate:
Participate in our Knitting for Noggins program! 
• Deliver your hats in time for our Knitting for Noggins Celebration on November 27! We hope to celebrate reaching our goal of
10,000 hats for the patients of Arkansas Children\'s Hospital! Please mail or deliver your hats to Arkansas Children\'s Hospital.

Arkansas Children's Hospital
Volunteer Services
800 Marshall Street, Slot 108
Little Rock, AR 72202
(501) 364-1825

June 2007

Susan Rhodes

743 Dubanski Dr
San Jose, Ca 95123

(Good Samaritan Hospital - NICU)
We are in need of bereavement gowns, preferably that open in the back, any colors in sizes ranging from 1-8lbs. Any other donations of hats, blankets, etc are greatly appreciated as well.
Thank you so much for your help!


San Diego Children's Memorial Hospital
3020 Children's Way

San Diego CA 92123
Contact Julie Marzo
In need of preemie hats.


Bereavement items needed in Torrence, California
My name is Natalie Salmon-Creede and I am the bereavement coordinator in
Labor and Delivery @ Torrance Memorial Medical Center.
I am also a RN in L&D. I have always wanted to improve our program for families with loss,
and we really are trying to help create positive memories for families who lose these babies.
We are looking for clothing for these babies. We have about 40 stillborn/neonatal losses a year.
We are hoping to have each of them clothed.
If anyone has any ideas where we can get clothing donated, it would be greatly appreciated.

Items needed:
Fetal demise pouches and tiny blankets for babies under 1 lb and under, little gowns, blankets, caps and booties for babies 2 lbs - 8 lbs.
Contact person: Natalie Salmon-Creede --email:
Torrance Memorial Medical Center
3330 Lomita Blvd.
Torrance CA 90505


(Listed April 2014)
UCSD Medical Center (labor and delivery)

200 west Arbor Dr. San Diego CA 92103
We are in great need of hats and booties for premature hospice infants.
Premature sizes 23-27 weeks gestation. 
blues, pinks, unisex colors. thank you


March 2007 
Ann Brooker, RN
Sacred Heart Health Systems

5150 Bayou Blvd, Ste 1-N
Florida 32503
(850) 416-6164 F:(850) 416-7348
Our needs are items for premature babies, such as, blankets, caps, clothing, burial gowns, keepsake bags for bereaved mothers, and any other items that may be suitable for use in the hospital or even to go home with the child upon discharge.  We also have an "Empty Arms" program where we send home a bear with blanket and such for mothers who have to go home without their baby. So actually any items that may be suitable would be greatly appreciated.

June 2007
Mended Little Hearts

Contact person name and email Tanya Sanders
Mailing address 5153 4th St Zephyrhills FL 33542
Specific request items needed. We would love any items for babies and children. Knitted socks, blankets, hats, toys. Anything a baby or child could use while in hospital for heart surgery.



(Added March 2014) Contact: Mandy Lanier- child life specialist


Mailing address: Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital

                             417 Third Avenue

                           Mandy Lanier-2c

                             Albany, GA 31706

Items needed: burial gowns- all sizes

Hospital name: Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital



University of Chicago Hospitals
I am the Recreation Therapist at the University of Chicago Hospitals. I work with pregnant women who are here on bedrest due to complications with pregnancy. They are often here until they deliver, and their babies are often premature. If anyone would like to donate to us I am sure the mothers would appreciate it. 

Needs baby hats and booties of all sizes. Blankets are also great. Burial items are a good idea too.
Bridget Hanson, C.T.R.S.
University of Chicago Hospitals
MC 1081
5841 S. Maryland Ave.
Chicago IL 60637-1470

My work phone number is 773-845-9483


Parkview hospital NIC Unit in Ft. Wayne, IN
Need preemie hats & blankets. They also have some need for newborn hats & blankets.
Contact person who will deliver items is:
Rose Monroe 
510 South Main St.
Dunkirk, IN 47336

Please include your mailing or email address so Rose can acknowledge receipt of items. Thanks!

Knitted or crocheted booties and caps: Caps should be the size of an average grapefruit and booties should be 1-1/2 to 2" long.

Caps can be sent to me to take to Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Please send items to Doris who will take them personally to the hospital.
Doris Sizemore
1036 Ann St
Newport Ky 41071

also St luke Hospital - They are in need of baby hats,booties and chemo caps

Ochsner NICU in New Orleans
Thanks so much for your interest in our NICU. We love the homemade products as do our parents. Our dream wish list would include burial gowns that are white(can have small amount of embroidery), open in the front is best with sleeves that are generous. Unfortunately when most premies die they are swollen with extra fluid so we need a preemie size that is flexible. Newborn sizes are needed as well.  The soft stretchy fabric makes great hats. Socks with embroidery make great covers for feet as well as tiny hands.

Soft yarn with limited fuzz can be used to knit warm items. Preemies have delicate skin prone to irritation so many yarns are uncomfortable for them. We do use small blankets as an outer blanket but our real need is soft fleece sheets/blankets that the babies can lay on or be wrapped in.
God bless all of you who donate your time to make our babies comfortable.
Shelley Thibeau, RNC

Please send items to
Ochsner NICU,
1516 Jefferson Hwy,
New Orleans, LA 70121.

Attn: Shelley Thibeau


May 2008
"I work At Southern Maine Medical Center in biddeford Maine and we are in desperate need of newborn hats for our nursery.   Our patients are almost all young moms poverty level and sometimes have no home, insurance or even a car seat. We are the community hospital that doesn't turn anyone away."

Size 5 - 10 lb baby sizes.
Hats, booties and blankets.
Southern Maine Medical center
c/o Julie Baker Birthing Suite
One Medical center Drive P.O.Box 626
Biddeford Maine 04005


added April 2015
Shriners Children's Hopsital
Attn: Theresa
2025 E. River Parkway
Minneapolis, MN 55414
Always in need of afghan blankets, tied blankets, hats, mittens (for winter), and slippers.


updated June 2010
UMC Pediatric Outpatient Clinic
Lied Ambulatory Care Center
Third Floor
1524 Pinto Lane

Las Vegas, NV 89105

Attn: Sandy Perry
Needs: Full term hats, booties, blankets/quilts, bears/toys, finger puppets, flannel receiving blankets, onesies, diaper shirts, & newborn blankets. 


updated June 2010
The Lullaby Connection
769 Middlegate, Henderson NV 89011
Helping newborns (and others) in Clark Country, Nevada.  Lullaby Connection is a 501 c3 group of loving people who want to make sure that the 100s of newborns born in Vegas each year, have a basic layette, blanket etc to go home with.  Leader Darla Hayden also makes sure that the little ones who do not survive, have a burial gown, to help comfort their grieving parents.  If you can help, please make either preemie or newborn sized outfits, especially hats and blankets, and send them to address above.


New Jersey
Atlantic City medical Center-City Div.

Linda Noranbrock RN
Acting Clinical Manager-NICU
Atlanticare Medical Center-Pomona Campus.
1925 Pacific Ave.
Atlantic City, NJ 08401
(609) 404-3820

"I just gave birth to a 24-week micro-preemie at Atlantic City Medical Center in NJ. During my visits to see my dear son, I learned that the NICU was in need of baby hats(all sizes), booties, & blankets. So, this lead me to put my beginning crochet skills to work. I made a few hats, thanks to your website, however I would like for the hospital to be bless with the other items they need. I would really appreciate it, if you would put the hospital information on your site. I could be contacted as well via email, since I recently moved in, to spend as much time with my son as I can. Thank you so much."

updated July 2011 Monmouth Medical Center, NJ   We have about 60 losses in Labor and Delivery each year and are very much in need of very small white (only) sewn gowns with long sleeves and opening in back (8 and 10 inches) as well as crocheted or knitted hats to fit the size of lemon or smaller (needs to  be very stretchable to fit on the little heads) Please use baby colored (pink, blue, light pastel) for blankets and hats.  Please include a "made by card" for each item that we can give to the parents so they know who provided the beautiful clothes.
Thank you,

Sheryl Dwyer RNC
Labor and Delivery-Bereavement
Monmouth Medical Center
300 Second Ave
Long Branch, NJ 07740



New York State

An Angels Love - (July 2012 updated)  Contact person: JennRose
An Angels Love
66 Vinedale Ave, Rochester NY 14622

Non-profit organization to provide parent with comfort during a very difficult time.  Our goal is to donate preemie items to area hospitals, (We currently donate to Highland Hospital and Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, NY.) including hats, and blankets for all preemies and loss kits for these precious little ones who don't make it.

Bellas Babies  (Added Jan 2014)
All the info you need is on the website. I collect baby and preemie items for Southside Hospital in Bayshore NY on Long Island. I take them deliveries 4 times a year. They can use blankets, hats, sweaters, burial gowns and booties. People can email me for info at

Bella's Babies
c/o Kelly Kearney
48 Cedar Dr.
Farmingdale NY 1173

My phone # is 516-643-8311.


May 2012

Tiffanie Herne (Kaitlins Angels)

324 Orchard Street
Vestal, NY 13850

My e-mail:
Items needed: everything for 18 weeks preemie -all the way to newborn. Hats, booties, blankets, outfits, teddy bears, etc. Items don't have to come as matching sets I will mix and match to make complete boxes. Items can be knit crochet, sewn or bought, all are welcomed :) I donate to 3 hospitals currently and am looking to add two more so the demand is growing.

I primarily run on Facebook for Kaitlin's Angels:

But I also am working on a blog for it as well:


Feb. 2010
“Knits for Infants,” we accept items for babies from 4 lbs through about 12-18 months. Any baby items are appreciated, they should be knitted from soft yarn (any type as long as it’s not scratchy, we prefer that it’s not from Red Heart Super Saver but other soft Red Heart is fine). If the item is non-superwash wool, it should be noted as such. we gratefully accept new or gently used baby clothes, as the families are usually in need of such items and really appreciate them!

My address: Marcy's email is:
Marcy Taitz
“Knits for Infants”
5700 Arlington Ave. 5C
Riverdale, NY 10471
Phone: 718-543-9091


Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center, 
Attn: Sister Mary Caulfield,  Room 2D7, 
234 E. 149th street,  Bronx, NY 10451 
Direct line to Sister Mary,
They are need of help. No preemies, but newborns. They are in dire need of newborn blankets right now, especially for going home, as the mothers really have nothing to wrap the babies up in. So blankies are a first priority but they also need newborn sleepers, hats,  booties,sweaters, robes, diaper shirts, in newborn sizes only. But blankies first.


May 2009
Contact Person/Title:       
Debra A. Owens, M.Ed./Sr. Program Analyst

SUNY Downstate Medical Center
Office of Program Development
440 Lenox Road, Room 1N
Brooklyn, NY 11203

List of Needs: Full-term, newborn hats

                        Preemie hats
                        Full-term, newborn booties
                        Preemie booties
                        Full-term, newborn blankets
                        Preemie blankets
                        Micro preemie Burial Layettes
                        Full-term, newborn mittens
                        Preemie mittens

Contact Email Address:

May 2008
Saint Vincent Catholic Medical Center

New York City, New York

"I have been making hats and blankets but the need out numbers the supply. Please send all baby hats/ blankets to me at the following
address. My sister is a labor and delivery nurse there and will deliver them . Thanks so much !!!
These items are really appreciated ."
Baby Hats:  Newborn and Preemies
Blankets :  Can be either full size baby blanket or crib size .  
Crochet, Knitted is fine

Send items to : 
Marie Tresco
15 Crooked Stick Place
Monroe Township, NJ 08831


New Mexico
The mailing address is:
Special Care Nursery
Northeast Heights Medical Center
4701 Montgomery Blvd. NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109
We can use most any size, shape and type of blanket. The blankets are sent home with the babies. We would also be thrilled to receive isolette covers- big enough to block out the bright lights and dark on the side facing the baby. The really fancy ones have flaps and end covers. Anything new and baby friendly would be happily put to use. The new nursery will be done in soft greens and blues...
There is always a need for hats and booties if those are available. We tend to run out of the ones for 5-7 pound babies first. (Blow a balloon up till it measures 14" around the diameter and make the hat that size!)
Thanks in advance from our babies and nurses


Online Angels need your help with the following: any color, any design 6-inch crochet/knit squares, items for preemies, laprobes, wheelchair caddies, afghans,  slippers for adults, health & beauty items, children's books, toys, stuffed toys, stationary, pens, pencils, crosses, angels, bookmarks, aluminum soda tabs, canceled stamps, used card fronts, yarn, shoes, and clothes for the shelters.

Please send any donations to me at:
Mary Reinhart
36 Pine Drive
Pottsville, PA 17901


Pennslyvania Hospital (Aug 2010)
The bereavement program has grown for the hospital\'s Woman\'s Health division-
Pennsylvania Hospital-
ICN Bereavement Committee
2nd Floor Preston Building
800 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

We are in need of ALL items- miscarriage wrappers, burial buntings, burial layettes, hats, booties, and blankets.
Thank You,
Michelle Ferrant, RN
ICN PAH Bereavement Committee Chair



May 2007

Erin Havrilla
C/O Vanderbilt Children's Hospital
NICU 2200 Children's Way
Nashville, TN 37232

Phone # 615-936-2241
Only accepting newborn size knitted hats and blankets at this time...


Aubreys Angels
TEXAS-San Antonio
Contact person: Lynn Zuniga
Aubrey’s Angels is a non profit, charitable ministry, in San Antonio built of love, to help meet the very special needs of precious sick babies and parents who are in need of a smile.We want each family to know, without a doubt, that there are people who love their tiny angels, are praying for them, and want to help by crocheting, sewing, knitting, and quilting hats, booties, afghans, mitts, angel layettes (burial layettes), memory boxes, diaper shirts, etc. working from home. We also make afghans, lap blankets, and chemo caps for chemo and dialysis patients in San Antonio. You dont have to live close to participate!
We also make parent bags for moms and dads who spend an enormous amount of time in the hospital waiting room.
We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another. ~Luciano de CrescenzoAubreys Angels:

Driscoll Children's Hospital--(Listed December 2013)
My name is Lea Trevino and I am on the bereavement committee at Driscoll Children's Hospital in the neonatal intensive care unit in Corpus Christi Texas. We are a 47 bed unit serving all of South Texas as a level 3 ICU. At this time we are seeking a group or groups that are able to donate bereavement gowns and blankets of all sizes, materials and or colors to our unit. These gowns are unfortunately at a high demand but we are honored to provide our patients families with as much comfort during the difficult time of losing their baby.If you are able to help in any way please contact me.Thank you in advance for all you do.
Lea Trevino
ship to:Lea Trevino -  6209 Strateford Corpus Christi Texas 78414
(I will take the package to the unit once I receive the package, just want to make sure it gets to the right place!)


Blue Bonnet Babies
Lyn McNeely

PO Box 34883
San Antonio Texas 78265
group is : Bluebonnet Babies of San Antonio (charity group)
web addy:
on site has info of who we deliver to at this time, but we're always being asked by others to help out.
We need preemie and newborn size items, blankets, sheets, caps, booties, going home outfits, toys, and diaper
bag items. We do bears, dolls and toys for the police dept, and then we do cage blankies, dog beds, and toys for the animal shelters.


Volunteer Department

Parkland Memorial Hospital
5201 Harry Hines 
Dallas, Texas 75235
(214) 590-8827
Infant items needed: 
Infant belonging bags 11" x 15" in either pink and/or blue material for girl and boy babies with a drawstring of satin ribbon. Currently, infant belongings are carried home in brown paper bags. 
Infant gowns - all sizes (preemies to 10 lb. babies). Lightweight cotton/batiste for summer, cotton flannel for winter (infant pastel colors). 
Receiving blankets (infant pastel colors). 
Infant knitted or crocheted hats and booties.

Jan 2007
Uintah Basin Medical Center
C/O Mrs. Carlene Jensen
250 West 300 North 75-2
Roosevelt, UT 84066

Needs: Baby blankets.

Carlene said that they already have a person who does burial gowns for stillborns, so their basic need is blankets. She said that they are in constant need of blankets for babies who come earlier than expected, or come from families who simply have nothing in which to wrap the baby. She did not specify a size, color or pattern
Kathy Kulinski or Cindy O'Hara c/o
The Birthing Inn, 
Loudoun Healthcare,
44045 Riverside Parkway,
Leesburg, VA 20176. 

Contact people:  Kathy Kulinski or Cindy O'Hara.  I'm guessing we probably have 15-20 demises a year, but as our county is the fastest growing in the US, that number may go up shortly.  Burial gowns, booties, buntings, and caps are needed in all sizes. Thanks so much!!

Washington DC
Courtney Arsenault 
Certified Child Life Specialist 
HSC Pediatric Center
1731 Bunker Hill Rd NE
Washington DC 20017
("We have three units one of which is an infant floor with many babies coming to us from the NICU. Our biggest need is for hats, we use hats for when children go to clinic apts, discharge to home, as gifts for families having a hard time, and when a child passes away. ")  Hats, baby blankets, booties, no color preference.


West Virginia
LAMB program

I am the Director of Prison Ministry at Vision of Hope Ministries in Parkersburg, WV.
Let me tell you about our LAMB program. LAMB stands for Love A Mother's Baby. It is geared for the children and family caretakers of incarcerated mothers. Many women enter prison pregnant and we provide layettes and spiritual support for the mother and family caretakers. While I crochet some of the layettes and afghans, I need to involve other outreach groups to donate time and materials for this effort. I have one person from church now donating yarn and this is keeping me busy on the limited amout of patterns I have. We request donations of baby yarn but sometimes we take any yarn we can get.
Clair E. Luckabaugh
Vision of Hope Prison Ministry
118 Meadows MHP, #15
Parkersburg, WV 26104



St Mary's Hospital in Madison WI
We are in need of preemie burial outfits that include a hat, booties and blanket for sizes 2lb and up

Please send items to the project coordinator
Nicole Niedermeier
311 Seminary St #1,
 Lodi, WI 53555


Feb 2012 (Updated Aug 2014)
'Project Sweet Peas' is a national 501c3 non-profit organization coordinated by volunteers, who through personal experience have become passionate about providing support to families with infants in intensive care and to those who have experienced pregnancy and infant loss.

We are always in need of donations such as blankets, booties, hats, burial gowns, sleep sacks and isolette covers.
Anyone interested in donation can visit our division page to find a project close to them:
Kate Crawford


added July 2013: "Our charity is called Angel Knitters. we are a 2 woman strong team based in the UK. We have people donate to us everyday but it just isn't enough. We supply 10 Neonatal units and special baby care units in the Uk with hats,cardigans, waistcoats and blankets as well as bereavement items such as moseys baskets, burial gowns and angel wraps. we are always in need of the items listed we just ask that NO BUTTONS OR TIES are used and that the size of items are to be no bigger in size than for a baby of 6lbs"

Charlii Hornby and Tina Burton
Angel Knitters
19 mead view
West Yorkshire


Aug 2008  The Maelor Hospital, in Wrexham, North Wales, UK
It's mainly newborn hats, cardigans/jackets, boots and mitts.

The items can be sent to me and I will take them in, and I'll make a card  with the names of those who send stuff over.
My address is:
Glenys Evans
3 Ffordd Maelor
LL12 7EB
North Wales


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