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Original Baby Boy's Burial Outfit
Copyright Janet Wolfe 2006, All Rights Reserved
Baby Fingering Yarn
White and Blue
F Hook

Chain 32 sts.
ROW 1: HDC in 3rd chain from hook and in next three stitches. (2 HDC, Ch 1, 2 HDC)
in next stitch, HDC in next 6 sts. (2 HDC, ch 1, 2 HDC) in next st, HDC in next 6 sts. (2 HDC, ch 1, 2 HDC) in next
stitch. HDC in next 6 sts.  (2 HDC, ch 1, 2 HDC) in next  st.,  HDC in last 4 stitches.
Ch 2 turn.

Row 2- 4: HDC in all HDC's, (2 HDC, ch 1, 2 HDC) in ch 2 space, Ch 2 turn.

Row 5: Same as row 4 except  work (1 HDC, ch 1, 1 HDC) in ch 2 space. Chain 2 turn.

Row 6: HDC in HDC's, 1 HDC in ch 1 space, skip all  stitches up to the next  chain one space, 1 HDC in space. HDC in HDC's up to the next chain 1 space, do the same thing, HDC to end of row. Chain 3 and Turn.

Row 7: HDC in 3 sts. 2 HDC in next, across, ch 3 turn.

Row 8 - 20: DC in each stich, ch 3 and turn.
End off at end of row 20.

VARIATION: Change to light blue yarn at Row: 11.

Row 21: Fold in half with opening in back and find the two center stitches, and then the center twelve stitches.
Join yarn to the first of the 12 stitches. DC across.

Row 22: Work lst 2 dc as one (dec) DC across to last two stitches, work 2 as one (dec). ch 3 turn.

Row 23: Repeat last row (8 sts)

Row 24-30 (you can do 24-32 if you want it longer) Ch 3 turn.

Row 31: work 2 DC (inc) in first and last stitch.

Row 32: DC across.

Row 33: Work inc in first and last st. (12 sts)

End Off
Join blue yarn at any corner, sc around entire item. Then around sleeve openings.

Ties; Chain 25 and leave a 4 inch length for sewing. Sew ties, three down back opening and one to each end of bottom piece, One on each side of back at bottom to tie bottom piece to.

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