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Newborn/Preemie Burial Gown
Copyright 2000 - 2005  TONI KIMMELL  - All Rights Reserved.
Posted with permission.

Gown is open all the way down the back - do NOT join - PLEASE line the dress, especially the skirt
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burial gown  
Size J hook
Baby or sportweight yarn
Instructions are for small, medium, large (full term) and are indicated as #(#/#) = s(m/l)  If only one number appears, it applies to all sizes

Row 1:  Bodice - Starting at neckline, CH 32, DC in 4th chain from hook.  DC in next 2 DC.  Work V [DC, CH 1, DC] in next chain.  *DC in next 6 CH, V [DC, CH 1, DC] in next chain.  Repeat from * two MORE times.  DC in last 4 CH; CH 2, Turn
Row 1 should look like this:  xxxxVxxxxxxVxxxxxxVxxxxxxVxxxx

Row 2 - 4(5/6):  *HDC in each st to CH 1 space - work a V [HDC, CH 1, HDC] in CH 1 space.  Repeat from * three more times.  HDC in each remaining stitch.  CH 2, Turn.

Row 5(6/7):  [Forming the sleeves] HDC in each stitch to CH 1 space;  yarn over hook, insert hook in 1st and 2nd CH 1 spaces - complete HDC, skipping all stitches in between first and second CH 1 spaces.  HDC in each stitch to next CH 1 space;  join 3rd and 4th CH 1 spaces in same manner as first two.  HDC in remaining stitches to end.   CH 4, Turn.
gown bottom
Row 6(7/8):  Skirt - Work 3 DC in base of CH 4; skip one stitch, SC in next stitch, *CH 3, work 3 DC in SC (at base of CH 3), skip one stitch, SC in next stitch.  Repeat from * to end.  SC in last stitch; CH 4, Turn.  (Note:  Occasionally my stitch count gets off and I need to skip two chains at end before working final SC - this is not a problem as the fullness of the skirt will camouflage the difference)

Row 7(8/9):  Work 3 DC in SC of previous row.  *SC in (next) CH 3 space of previous row, CH 3, 3 DC in same CH 3 space.  Repeat from * across row, ending with a SC in last CH 3 space of previous row.  CH 4, Turn. 
NOTE:  If this is confusing to you, it may help to look at the closeups of the skirt in  picture left..

Repeat Row 7(8/9) until desired length is reached.
If desired, for a girl, you could work a small ruffle (CH 3, Slip Stitch in next CH - repeat) beginning at back of arm opening, around the opening, across bottom of front bodice, and around opposite arm opening -- also around the neckline.  .

Weave 1/8" (or 1/4") satin ribbon through neckline (DC row) and another ribbon through last HDC row of bodice to tie in the back of the gown to close.

For different looks, I have used other stitches on the skirt -- for a boy, a simple DC is good.   I have also extended the length of the skirt and have woven a ribbon through the last row to gather for the look of a 'sleeping gown'.

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