Beth’s Knitted Burial Bunting
in 3 sizes.
(© Beth Koskie 2001) Permission to use, granted to Bev Qualheim

Note: This is meant for a small or tiny preemie baby.
Worsted weight yarn (I used variegated) – about 6 oz
Size 10 or 10.5 needles
4-5 yards of white ribbon (or color of your choice), ¼-3/8” wide
Fray check
Size G hook (if crocheting ties at end)
Blunt yarn needle

Using the dishcloth baby afghan pattern, cast on 2 stitches.
Row 1: Increase in both stitches (4 stitches).
Row 2: Knit 2, yarn over (yo), knit 2 (5 stitches).
Row 3: Knit 2, yo, knit across row (note: knit in the back of every yo stitch to make “hole” larger) (6 stitches).
Repeat row 3, increasing 1 stitch on every row, until one side of the triangle you are creating is at least 15” long (for me this was 72 stitches).
For small preemie size (12”), this goes up to 60 stitches.
For tiny preemie size, work up to 50 stitches (10”).

Knit two rows even, by: Knit 1, knit 2 together, yo, knit across row.

Decrease row 1: Knit 1, knit 2 together, yo, knit 1, knit 2 together, knit across row.
Repeat this row, decreasing one stitch every row, until you have 4 stitches left.
Last row: Knit 2 together twice, slip first stitch over second, and end off.

Make one blanket as above.
Make one half a blanket by increasing to 72 stitches (or 60 stitches for 12”, or 50 stitches for 10”), doing the two even rows, and bind off (makes a triangle).

Assembly instructions:
Lay the triangle on top of the blanket, in the diamond shape, with the points of the triangle closest to you.  This forms a “pocket” or “hood”.  Cut 4 strips of ribbon in 36” (30” for small, or 24” for tiny size) lengths, and matching the “holes” of the two blanket pieces, weave the ribbons through the holes from one corner to the next, making sure the ribbon lays flat.  Do this for all four sides, even the ones without the top piece, leaving lengths at each corner and evening them out after the weaving is done.  Tie the two ends into a bow at each corner.  Use fray check to make sure the ends of the ribbon don’t fray.

Lay flat with “pocket” on top and use a length of yarn and blunt needle to “sew” the two pieces together about 7” (6” for small, 4” for tiny) in from one side corner, sewing straight down to where the ribbons weave the holes together; end off.  Repeat on the other side … this forms a narrower “pocket” to insert the baby.

Make 4 crochet ties (chain 40, slip stitch back across chain, end off), or make ribbon ties, and attach in the following locations: 1 at top of pocket seam on right side of pocket (as it faces you), 1 at left corner edge; tie these two together.  Attach 1 at outside of blanket, located where left pocket seam is (tie it on the inside, though), and 1 at right corner edge of blanket.  Tie these two last, to fold over bunting.  (Alternate fastening: instead of ties, you can use two buttons; attach one to left side of stitching for pocket inside bunting and “button” it through the opposite corner hole with the bow; then attach other button to “outside” of other side of pocket stitching and “button” it through the opposite corner hole with bow).

If baby is small enough, the bottom bow can be folded up over feet, and the top bow can be folded down over baby’s face if desired.

Note: One could choose to use a coordinating color and crochet an edging around the entire blanket to permanently attach the “pocket” to the back and give it some additional “lace”, although I chose to leave it with the simple white ribbon adornment for a burial bunting.  I then added a small preemie hat/bootie set for baby to wear inside the bunting.

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