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Crocheted Angel Wrap
By Aunt B


  • White and Colored Baby Sport Yarn 
  • White and Colored Baby Super Soft 4ply yarn 
  • Size G and J (small);  Size H and K (med)
  • Yarn needle;  Satin Flowers and Ribbons

    Starting with smaller hook and white yarn:
    Rnd1...form a ring around your finger, work 8scs in ring 2 scs in each of next 8 sts
    Rnd3...(sc in next st,2scs in next st) 8 times (16sts)
    Rnd4...(sc in next 2 sts, 2scs in next st) 8 times (32sts) around 32 sts
    Rnd6...hdc in next 2sts, 2dcs in next 2sts, *skip next st, ch2, dc in next st)* work from *-* 6 times, skip next st, 2dcs in next 2sts, hdc in next 2sts, sc in next 8sts in next 10sts, skip next dc, (sc, 3hdc, sc) in next 6 ch2 spaces, skip next st, sc in next 16sts, sl st in next st, fasten off. Turn work

    Row1...with colored yarn, attach in sl st of Rnd 7, ch1, sc in same st, 2scs in next 9sts, ch1, turn
    Row2...Changing to larger hook, sc in first 9sts, 3scs in next st, sc in last 9sts, ch1, turn
    Row to center st, 3scs in center st, sc to end, ch1, turn
    Row 20-finished(desired length)...skip turning st, sc to center st, 3scs in center st, sc to within last 2 sts, skip next st, sc in last st, ch1, turn

    Fasten off and weave in ends. With back facing you, attach yarn in first st of dress and sc around to other side putting 3scs in each corner.

    WINGS 10, dc in 4th ch from hook, 2dcs in next 5 chs, dc in last ch, ch3, turn
    Row2...skip turning ch, shell (2dcs, ch1, 2dcs) in next st,(skip next st, shell in next st)4 times, dc in last st, ch3, turn
    Row3...(shell in shell, dc between shells) 4 times, shell in shell, dc in last st, ch3, turn
    Row4...(shell in shell, dc around back of dc in previous row) 4 times, shell in shell, dc in last st, ch1, turn
    Row5...(sc in each dc, 3scs in each ch1 space of each shell) across, fasten off leaving a long piece for sewing.
    Repeat Row5 with white if desired

    Place wings on back as in above picture and stitch in place. Add decoration to front 

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