Project - Baby/Child Care for AFGHANISTAN
Please continue to pray for our Troops who are in harms way

THE BABY PROJECT IS DONE NOW... thanks to all who helped!!

If you would like to continue to make items for those in need, please sure to check our CHARITY-LINKS page for ideas and places.

Soldiers handing out bags of gently used clothes to families.

From John, Jan 23, 2008 - The knitted hats,  gloves, blankets  and baby boots are greatly needed and greatly appreciated. The VCR program is running strong,  more and more donations come in each week,  more and more knitted items made by great folks like you. Thank you very very much

They need  quilts, and blankets all sizes, but double would be great, all sizes of hats, scarves, warm mittens and gloves, socks, booties, and sweaters, for many families. Also needed are gently used or new SHOES (they have a great need for these)  or boots, gently used coats, sweat pants, sweat shirts, t-shirts, dresses, etc. all sizes and teddy bears, dolls, or beanie babies for the little ones would be welcome!  You could also send soap, hard candies, and gum for our troops to eat or hand out as well as soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, clean magazines, crossword puzzles etc.  (scroll down for more troop items)

Nov 2007 letter from Master Sargeant Foster -  Thank you again for
your support in helping us help the people of Afghanistan.

What beautiful children!  The little boy above right, is wearing a hat made by one of you!

Lastly MERRY CHRISTMAS to you, your family and all the wonderful folks that have been so
supportive of this mission and the children of Afghanistan.



John D. Foster, MSG, USA


See any of items you made here? Most are from our readers! Pretty scarves, hats and slippers!

I love the smile on this little girl's face as the soldier explains about the erasers for her pencils!  Delightful photo!

Can you see a hat or slippers you made on this table?  I can see one of the hats I made - so fun! 
These are from boxes I mailed.

Letter from Steve, Dec 1, 2006

"Hi All!
This is great stuff!  I look forward to getting these items and distributing them out.
All the items listed below will be very much appreciated.
Thanks again very much.
BTW...the refugee camp that is near our base, is populated by over 150 families...not just adults.  This is where a majority of the donations I am getting is going.  There are other agencies that help support the orphanges (us too!), so we concentrate on those places that are in the most need.
Thanks again and God Bless for all your generosity. This is what Christmas is all about!!!

Some patterns for ITEMS NEEDED for WINTER 

Hats needed from newborn to senior sizes





(Do NOT send items to me, do not send me money for this.  PLEASE send all handmade and storebought warm items to Steve directly!  Thanks!! Bev )

* If you live outside of the USA, please send items to the above address but please add 'USA' after the address as it is a United States Armed Forces address.
* Do NOT send insured or registered.
* Larger boxes may need a customs declaration - please be sure to list items as handmade baby clothes and check the GIFT box on the form so they don't have to pay customs on items.
* Form 2976-A is required for all mail weighing 16 ounces or more
* SInce this is a United States Armed forces address, postage will cost the same as maling a box in the USA (if you live in the USA)

 From reader
Carol in MO:  "My grandson was stationed over there (in Afghanistan) last winter and he said it was soooo cold and that many children and adults died because of the cold.  There are people who live north of Kabul in cardboard houses, if they even have that.  I sent over a bunch of hats to my grandson and he gave them to the Marines that went off base. He was not off base too much so he gave his buddies. My grandson said there was times he even had  on 3 to 4 pairs of socks trying to keep his feet warm and dry.

So if anyone has time to make hats, scarves, etc, please do so.  It could save a life of a child."


A few cultural rules:
* No Red, White and Blue items  (You can use the colors separately though)
* No religious symbols of any kind
* Respecting some Muslim's beliefs, no animal depictions in material, or any faces on items of clothing.
* Please make items warm and soft. 100% Wool or wool blends are great!
Darker colors that won't show the dirt are best.  
  Very few have washing machines there.


Little boy hit by shrapnel
Sgt Speer sent this most recent photo on the right. The little boy was "
hit in the belly with some type of shrapnel when he found some type of unexploded device." 

CPT Heather Schopf for keeping this project rolling! We appreciate all you did!

Photos from Sgt Katrina Speer

A letter from Capt Robert Heath... (Dec 2005)
"I would like to thank everyone for participating in this great program. It has been very successful. I regret that we cannot send letters or thank you to everyone that sends items. But, know that your gifts are much appreciated by the people that receive them. Especially now that winter is upon us.

In our small medical facility here, we give out the knitted caps, scarves and gloves to the many Afghan children we treat here. Many of whom do not have those warm comfort items. It really brings a smile to their faces. We also use the knitted caps on injured or post-operative patients when we fly them by military MEDEVAC helicopters to larger medical facilities.

The flight is very cold as the helicopters negotiate the high mountain passes, which now have snow on them. The knitted caps definitely help to keep their heads warm during the flight. I will be leaving Afghanistan in the next few months. But, I would like to continue this program. I have provided Bev the name and contact of the person that will continue to receive items here for me.

This has been a great program that Bev started for me in Iraq and that has continued to my time in Afghanistan. It is successful because of you, the great people back home who take the time to contribute. Thank you again for the great support."
Doc Heath

Toddler in Afghanistan

Here is a hat I made up that I have been sending.  I can get one done in a couple of hours.

Bev's Newborn Brimless Baby Ribs Hat
Copyright 2003 Beverly A. Qualheim - All Rights reserved 
(The hat will fit babies 6 lbs to 10 lbs)  (older children)
Size 8 needles  (size 10 needles)
1 oz soft worsted weight yarn (Carron Simply Soft works great!) or 100% soft wool (2-3 oz)
Cast on 54 sts  (68 sts)
K2, p2 to end of row 
Do this for 34 rows  (50 rows)
Decrease: k2 together across row
Purl next row 
k2 together across row
Purl row.
End - Cut yarn leaving a 12" tail. 
Run needle and yarn through remaining sts on needle.  Remove from needle and pull to draw shut. 
Sew side seam.

This can also be made in a K1, P1, ribbing.

Since it is summer over there right now, Cool Ties for the troops would be welcome, as well as toys for the children. Our soldiers love to hand out toys and hard candy to the little ones.
Summer items for spring months and summer
ITEMS NEEDED:  Summer- light weight fleece or flannel blankets, little t-shirts (NEW PATTERN created for this project!),  newborn onsies and such.  It's HOT there!    Beanie Babies, teddy bears, bunnies, dolls, for the children, or hard candy (no chocolate please, as it will melt).

ATTN: Teachers!
If you are a teacher, the TROOPS over there LOVE to get drawings and photos from the kids here! You can send those to Capt Heath too, and he will distribute them.  This little girl just had her broken arm set by Capt Heath, and she is holding a teddy bear and photo of some school kids who sent it to her, another great idea-- collect some gently loved stuffed animals and take photos of the kids and send those for our troops to hand out.  The kids really  love to get things like that, and I imagine it really helped her feel better about that broken arm.

PHOTOS taken by Captain Heath when he was stationed in Iraq

Beautiful Thank you Certificate from the Headquarters of the 1st Battalion (airborne), 508th Infantry, 173rd Airborne Brigade.

And take a look at what Marilyn in CA made for the babies on her knitting machine!


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