Aunt B's Basic Knit Baby Sweater
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Aunt B
My sweater is pretty much like any other top to bottom sweater with a
little twist. This sweater does not have a knitted button/buttonhole band but
rather a crocheted one. I find crochet bands make a more stable band
for the buttonholes and the buttons.

Size 7 and 9 needles
Size G crochet hook
Yarn needle
Buttons (as many as you need and size is your choice make the
6 oz Red Heart Baby Soft or Caron Super Soft

This sweater can be made most any size by changing size of yarn and
size of
needles. It will be written for size 9 months(1 yr, 2 yrs, 3yrs)

Neck Band: Using size 7 needles CO 59 sts
Work (k1,p1) ribbing for 1 inch
Row 1....K
Row 2...k2, (yo, k2tog) across end with a k1
Row 3-5...k

Yoke: Using size 9 needles (pm=place marker)
Row 1...p9, pm, p10, pm, p21, pm, p10, pm, p9
Row 2...(k to within 1 stitch of marker, inc, slip marker, inc, ) across
(this row is right side of work)
Row 3...p
Rep rows 2 & 3 until piece measures 3 (4, 4- , 5) inches from marker  row.
Measure at center back.
End with knit row.

Dividing row:
With wrong side facing you, purl first front, slip these stitches to a holder, purl first sleeve, do not remove marker yet, purl across back,
slip back stitches to a holder, purl across second sleeve, do not remove marker yet, purl across second front, slip second front stitches to a holder.

You can now knit both sleeves at the same time using 2 skeins of yarn or using the strand from inside the skein and the strand from the outside
of skein. Work sleeves in your pattern until they measure 4- (5- , 6- . 7-) inches from underarm.
Work ribbing for 1- inches (or you can use the same pattern st as alternate neck band)

Bind off in ribbing

Transfer all stitches from holders and work until piece measures 5 ( 6, 7, 8) inches from underarm.
Work ribbing for 2 inches, bind off in ribbing.
Sew seams and fasten all tails.

Button Band
With G hook and right side of work facing you, attach yarn at bottom (or top) and crochet in ends of each row. This will be a little tight. That
is ok....when you finish the first band it should be about 3/4 inch  shorter than the other side with no border yet. That will bring the neck down
in the front as it should be.

Boys: Button holes will be on the LEFT side of the sweater. Crochet 1 row, place pins evenly where you want the bottom of the button holes, sc
until you reach a pin, (ch as many as needed for size button, skip the same number of stitches) , sc to bottom of next pin, sc to end. Work 2 more rows placing scs in the ch spaces

Girls: Work the same as for boys only on the RIGHT side.

You can use any pattern you want, put stripes where ever, use a different stitch in stripes around, put cables on the sleeves and fronts. There
is really no end to what you can do to make your sweater unique.
Have fun :o)


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