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    fleece blanket edge
    Bev's Easy Fleece Blanket
    copyright Beverly A. Qualheim 2004, 2008

    1 yard of fleece = 2 baby blankets
    sharp scissors
    Fold the material in half widthwise and cut on the fold.  You now have 2 pieces of material  30" x 36"  (You will be fringing the 36" sides, or the 'length' of the blanket)
    Or to make a child or adult blanket buy 1.50 yds and don't cut in half.  The blanket will be 45" x 60"

    To make the fringed edge, simply cut fringes approximately 3" deep and 3/4" wide.

    I do this easily by merely snipping in the length my scissors will cut which is about 3"

    The great thing is that they do not have to be perfect!

    Cut both ends of the blanket with this fringe.

    Now tie each fringe across the row into single knots.

    I have seen others tie 2 fringes together into a double knots across the row, but I prefer the single knots.  All a matter of preference.

    You can also buy 1.50 yds, and cut it down to 45" square for a toddler or child blanket.

    2 pieces fleece 50" x 50"
    Lay them together with wrong sides together
    Use a rotary cutter and cut 4" deep about 3/4" apart ALL around the blankets.  Now take matching 'ties' around, and tie square knots all around the blanket.  Hmmmmm---- nice and cosy!

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