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Thanksgiving Turkey Fridgie
pattern copyright 1989, 2019 Beverly A. Qualheim

Size F (3.5 mm)  crochet hook
Scraps of colored 4 ply yarn (see photo)
Wiggly eyes and magnet
Tiny piece of orange felt for beak

turkey fridgieBody: (brown)
Ch 3, join to form a ring
Rnd 1: Ch 3 (counts as a dc), 12 dc inside the ring (13 dc total)
Rnd 2: Ch 3, dc in joining sts, 2 d in each dc all around; join (26 dc total)
Tail Row: (rust)
Row 1: Ch 3, dc in joining st, dc in next st, (2 dc in next dc, dc in next dc) 7 times; do NOT join, ch 1, turn; (24 dc)
Row 2: Sc in first dc, (ch 7, skip next dc, sc in next dc) 11 times, sc in last dc; ch 10 turn:  (11 loops)
Row 3: Work behind the row 2 tail loops, in each skipped dc, sc in next dc, (ch 10, sc in next dc) 10 times; finish off. (11 loops)
Feet: (tan)
Skip 4 dc from tail, join yarn by working sl st in next dc, ch 3, sl st in next 2 dc, ch 3, sc in next dc then finish off.
Head: (tan)
Ch 3, join to form ring.
Rnd 1: Ch 3 (counts as 1st dc), 12 dc in ring; join loosely, 13 dc.
finish off.
Wattle: (red)
Join red under chin (sl st in top of dc, 1 triple crochet in next dc) sl st in next dc in sl st to finish off.  (You can make 2 if you wish)
Beak: (orange)
Cut a small triangle of orange felt and glue in place.

Stitch head to body just below the tail, either st around the head, or use a single st in the center of the head.  Glue on wiggly eyes, or use white yarn to make 2 french knots for eyes.  Glue on magnet strip to back of turkey.

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