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Pampering Yourself Naturally

Colder weather is coming soon, the holidays seems to fill our days and nights,
and sometimes there is so little time left for taking care of ourselves.

Here are some of my own recipes to create really soul-warming treats for yourself from my out-of-print booklet: Herbs 1995 Bev Qualheim

Face Lift
We have all seen those expensive 'face-lift' products that help tighten your skin and make you look a bit more youthful.  Here is my own version of that and it works great!

(this is good for tightening the pores and absorbing excess oil.  Do NOT get too close to the eyes as the skin there doesn't like to be stretched.) Mix these 2 ingredients with a hand mixer until stiff peaks form.  Smooth onto a clean face and allow to dry completely.  Lie down on the couch or your bed and listen to soothing music like Donny Osmond's Christmas at Home for about 15-20 minutes and relax, you deserve it.  (You can make the time!!!)

Removing:  Gently rinse face with warm water, splash it on or use a wash cloth and blot it off, then rinse.
Do not store this, just mix it up as needed.

Bath Bag
An especially soothing bath bag is one filled with homegrown lavender.  Lavender is available at most nurseries or you can propogate some from a friends plant by cutting it in stems about 6" long and placing in water until rooted.  Then plant and grow.
To make your own bath bags:
Cut a piece of muslin or cheesecloth into 6" diameter circles.  Inside the circle place:
1/4 cup ground oatmeal
2 TBsp powdered milk
3 TBsp dried rose petals
2 Tbsp dried lavender
Tie shut tightly using a pretty ribbon.  Float bag under the faucet while you pour your bath, then allow it to float in there while you bathe.
These make really nice gifts for friends too, and they are simple to make!

Bev's Flavored Lip Balm
2 tsp beeswax (available at many craft stores)
6-7 tsp sweet almond oil or olive oil
1 tsp *honey
5 drops essential oil of lemon, orange, peppermint or apple blossom. (Tea tree oil is good for cold sores. )
Small piece of moisturizing lipstick to add a bit of color if you wish.

Melt together the oil and beeswax in a small saucepan over a low heat or double boiler till wax is melted.  remove from heat and blend in the honey.  If you want a tinted lip balm, then add the lipstick now, while the mixture is still hot.  Stir occasionally as it cools, to prevent separation.  When the mixture is body temperature add the essential oil and stir thoroughly.  Store in a small container.  You can also use a synthetic flavoring oil like vanilla, cherry or raspberry for children.  (*honey is a natural antiseptic.)


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