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2012 "MITT-athon"
July 4th- November 6th 2012-- great job all!
   Thanks to everyone who participated. Please keep helping others!
Remember to
email me with your mitten numbers!  (You can still do this till Nov 20th)

mitten line

Since Mitt Romney is the 2012 Republican Nominee I am holding a 'MITT-athon for Charity' and I would love for all of you mitten makers to participate, whether or not you are voting for Govenor Romney; in fact we have participants now from all over the world!  Your joining in to make mittens is not necessarily a show of support for him; BUT it can be a show of support if you feel that in your heart. Either way is fine. He knows nothing of this project and I am certainly not going to ask you who you are voting for!

This world can be a very cold place for many, but if you knit or crochet, you can personally be a part of helping warm the world for someone!  I'd like to see individuals knitting and crocheting colorful, warm mittens, and charity groups forming to knit and crochet, 1000's of pairs of mittens that can be donated to your local charities.

Check with your local schools, family shelters, foster care programs, soup kitchens, Police and Fire Stations as they often have to rescue people who will need warm mittens.

Sign me up for the Mitt-athon!
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All of your Amazon purchases help support this fun website.  Thanks!

Click on mitten photo to be taken to that pattern...

Mittens for NEWBORNS
Bev's No-Scratch Mitts (K) newborn sized

*** More mitten pattern links can be found  HERE

Where to donate:
Plan ahead now, choosing patterns: use your own or
here are 7 patterns on Bev's for you to start with--just click on the photos/links above.
Dig out your fave yarn or wool, and then find local places who need mittens.  You can check with hospitals who might need the newborn size, shelters, and local schools to see if they have a need for mittens.  If you can't find a local place to donate your handmade mittens, click here to find several places who can use your donations to help others.
This is a great project to do with your friends!  Get together once a week or so.  Have a potluck lunch, share yarns, patterns, and know-how and just knit or crochet away.  Let's warm as many hands as we can this winter.  And don't forget to share photos, as I woud be happy to feature them on this page as we get rolling along!

 Lisa's country clipart
Mitt-athonners - 253 pairs made!  Well done!
Toni W in AL

Jackie F in CT- 2 pairs

Toni C from DE

Elena V in FL

Tamie in ID
Tana E in ID
Teresa B  Idaho - 4 pairs

Kathleen W in IL
Marty Ballenger in IL - 4 pairs

Elizabeth C from Indiana
Kimina Bradner in IN

Rebecca C in KS


Annette C in MA
Doris B in MA
Joan M in MA - 1 pair

ChrisB in MD

Ceci C in ME
Paula J in ME

Barb S in MI
Cheryl K in MI - 2 pairs
Nelda W in MI - 6 pairs
Pam T in MI

Beth W.  in MN

Bart in MO

North Carolina

Carrie H in NC

New Hampshire
Julie D in NH
Sharon T in NH

New Jersey
Barbara C in NJ
Erica D in NJ -  5 pairs

New Mexico
Diane K in NM

New York

Cheryl V in NY
Shirley M in NY - 35 pairs

BevQ in NV - 7 pairs

Chris P in OH
Nora D. in OH
Sharon S in OH - 4 pairs

Hellen N. in OR
Kim W in OR - 20 pairs

Kelly in PA
Patricia M in PA - 28 pairs
Wendy in PA - 1 pair

South Dakota
Loretta T in SD - 5 pairs

South Carolina
Jeanine in SC
Karen N in SC
Sheri F in SC - 20 pairs

Dottie in TN- 1 pair
Lynda H in TN
Michelle in TN - 5 pairs

Paula R in TX

Chris H in UT  2 pairs
Cindy in UT - 3 pairs
Karen W in UT - 2 pairs
Kathy H in UT - 8 pairs
Kitty W in UT - 20 pairs
JoAnnWK in UT
Ruthie P in UT - 7 pairs
Tamie in UT - 5 pairs

Tammy in VA

Lori P in VT
Lynette G- 15 pairs

Gayle R in WI
Sharon G. in WI- 26 pairs

West Virginia
Cindy L in WV 3 pairs

Erica C in Australia - 8 pairs

Debbie C in Ontario, Canada - 2 pairs
Leslie A in Ontario, Canada
Mary Ann C in Ontario, Canada - 4 pairs
Paula J in Calgary AB

Joy C in - South Africa - Kwa Zulu Natal  1 pair


We love these mitten PHOTOS
Thanks for making and donating them to charities of your choice.

Thank you for supporting our sponsors:

* COPYRIGHT: All content is copyrighted to original creators as stated on their patterns. You may provide a direct LINK to the patterns on my pages, but you may NOT post actual full patterns anywhere in any media form. Any items made from patterns to Beverly Qualheim may be sold, but please make one for charity too.