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Owen's mittsBev’s Minneapolis Newborn Mittens - Copyright 1997-2017 Beverly A. Qualheim 
Size 4 knitting needles
1 oz Red Heart Baby soft yarn
Darning needle
Gauge:  Mitten before seaming = 4.5" across and 3" tall     6.5 stitches = 1"   approx. 11 rows = 1" 

Newborn MITTEN - starting at cuff
Cast on 24 sts

Knit for 1/2" then make an eyelet row as follows: (K 2 tog, yo, K1), repeat across row ending in K1.  (8 eyelets)
After eyelet row, return to knitting until piece reaches a total of 2.5" from cast on row.

Row 1 of decrease: K2 tog, k8, (k2 tog) twice, k8, k2 tog. 
Row 2: k across.
Row 3: k2 tog, k6, (k2 tog) twice, k 6, k2 tog
Row 4:  Knit across.

Row 5: K2 tog, k4, (k2 tog) twice, k4, k2 tog.
Row 6: K across

Finishing: Cut 10" tail of yarn. Weave through remaining 14 sts. Pull tightly. Stitch seam shut. In another color make a crocheted chain of 56 using a size F hook. Weave evenly through the 4th row and tie in a bow.
You can also make a fancy top for the mittens: sc in any stitch at cuff, ch 4, sc into 3rd stitch from the ch, continue around the entire cuff and end with a sc in first sc.

(or use double pointed needles for knitting in the round - you will knit one row, purl one row except on decrease)

Click for crocheted version
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