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Bev's Orphan Mittens
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These are made warmer using about 2 oz each of 1 strand of washable sock yarn held with 1 strand of worsted weight yarn. Many are needed all over the world.  Please consider making a pair for family and a pair for charity.

These will fit a child 8-12 years old

(The mittens in the photo are made with 1 strand of Red Heart WW yarn)
Size 8 dp knitting needles - you will need 4
2 stitch holders
Yarn needle
Gauge = 8 knit stitches=2"   6 rows=1"

Cast on 24 sts and place 8 sts on each of 3 needles
K 1, p 1 for 13 rounds (for cuff) (2.5")
Knit (increase 1 st on each needle) for the 1st round, then knit evenly for a total of 6 rounds (27 sts)

Thumb Increases
(I make increases by knitting first into the back of the next stitch, and then into the front of the stitch)
Rnd 1: K 14, increase 1 st, k 1, increase 1 st, knit 10
Rnd 2: *** KNIT all even numbered rows
Rnd 3: K 14, increase 1 st, k 3, increase 1 st, k 10.
Rnd 5: K 14, increase 1 st, k 5, increase 1 st, k 10.
Rnd 7: K 14, increase 1 st, k7, increase 1 st, k 10.

Remaining thumb
K 14, place those sts on a stitch holder
K 10, place next 11 sts on 2nd stitch holder.
Divide the 10 thumb sts onto your 3 needles (4, 3, 3)
Knit 9 rnds.
K 2 together around (5 sts)
Cut yarn tail 6" long. Using a yarn needle remove the remaining 5 sts and pull to gather.

Hand = about 6" long
Remove sts from stitch holders and divide onto 3 needles. Pick up 2 sts under thumb. (9,9,9)
Add yarn back on
Knit 15 rounds.
Decrease top of mitt by knitting 2 together around.
Cut yarn tail 10" long, tun yarn through stitches left on needles, remove and pull tightly to close.

These mittens, along with warm orphan socks can be taken to your local homeless shelters.  Or they make a great gift!

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