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Aunt Maggie's Slippers
by Bev - adaptations Copyright Bev Qualheim 1988 - 2015
Thank you to knitmama247 for the minion character version!!
And thanks to Bioengiknitter for the photo of the many, gorgeous slippers she made using this pattern!

If you are looking for a place to send these slippers, please consider
She is located in MA, and can use slippers, mittens, hats and more for all ages.

I had been looking all over for a pattern like the slippers Aunt Maggie and my mom used to make and I finally found one in an old pattern book from the 40's, and I have posted my adaptations to make it easier!  Please consider making some of these for a shelter or nursing home near you.  You can also make them safer for nursing home donations by using  a non-skid spray on the base of the foot.
Instructions are for Child's Size with changes for Women's & Men's in parentheses.

Knitting Needles: Size 9 US / 5.5 mm   (for men 10.5 US / 6.5 mm) (for toddler/kids slippers use size 5 or 6 knitting needles and cast on the 27 sts)
3 oz of worsted weight yarn.
1 strand Gauge: 4 sts= 1 inch    8 rows--4 ridges= 1 inch 
2 strand gauge: 3.5 sts= 1 inch   7 rows= 1 inch

Slippers can be worked in single or double strand, but I prefer double for extra warmth.

Cast on 27 (29-35) sts
ROW 1 Heel: -   this will be the wrong side - K9 (9-11), p1, k7 (9-11), p1, k9, (9-11).
ROW 2: K all sts.

Repeat these 2 rows for 5 (6-8) ins., or 2 (2 1/2 - 2 1/2) inches less than the desired finished length.  You will then knit the TOE part,  2 (2 1/2 - 2 1/2) inches end after knitting a 'wrong side row'.

ROW 1: P 1, *k1, p1; repeat from * to end. Maggies slippers
ROW 2: K1, *p1, k1; repeat from * to end.
Repeat these 2 rows of ribbing for 1 1/2 (2-2) ins., end on wrong side.
First DEC. ROW: Work ribbing for 7 (7-9) sts, * slip 1 st onto needle, k 1 st., then pass the slipped stitch over the knitted one (psso), k1, k2 tog. *, work 3 (5-7) sts ribbing, repeat between *'s once, finish row in ribbing; 23 (25-31) sts.
NEXT ROW: Work 7 (7-9) sts ribbing, p3, work 3 (5-7) sts ribbing, p3, finish row.

2nd DEC ROW: Work 6 (6-8) sts, * k2 tog., k1, slip, k and psso *, work 1 (3-5) sts, repeat between *'s once, finish row; 19 (21-27) sts.
Break yarn leaving an end about 12" long.  Thread yarn tail onto yarn needle, and remove the remaining sts (toe) from the knitting needle by weaving the yarn through them, pull tightly to close.
Repeat pulling tail through all sts twice.

Finishing -- Fold cast on edge in half (so slipper is inside out) and sew 3 (4, 5) ins. from toes leaving just enough room for your foot ot go inside slipper.  Back stitch for 4 sts and cut yarn. Re-attach your yarn at heels then stitch heel shut.   The heel needs to be sewn in an upside down "T". 
Make another slipper
.  Add pom poms if you wish, just above where you put your foot inside the slipper OR eyes for character:


minion slippers


For the character slippers, follow the above pattern, use blue to knit rows 1 and 2 for about 3" then change to yellow yarn, and right before making the toe, about half way to the toes end, do 2 rows in black, then switch back to yellow.  SEE PHOTO to right

EYES - make one for each slipper
Rnd 1: Using a size H crochet hook and BLACK, ch 2, 5 sc in the 1st chain, join with a sl st. 
Rnd 2 and 3:Using WHITE, ch 1, sc in base of ch 1, *2 sc in each sc around.  Repeat from * around. Join with sl st. (10sc)
Rnd 4:  Using GREY: Repeat rnd 2.  Join, end off, leaving 6" yarn tail.  Sew eyes on across the black round, as in photo.
Use black to sew on a smile/mouth.

For cute baby 'Minion Character hat click HERE!

TO PRINT JUST THE PATTERN.. mouseover and highlight just the pattern, hit PRINT and 'just selection'.  Or you can save it and post it in WORD, then print it from there.

3 -6  months
Foot Length 4" - 4.5"  10-12 cm

6 months - 1 year
4.25" – 4.75"  12-13 cm

18 months - 2 years
Foot Length    4.5" - 5.5" 13-14 cm

2 years - 4 years
Foot Length  5.5" - 6" 14-15 cm

5-8 years
Foot Length 6” - 7" 16-18 cm

12 years
Foot Length 7" - 8.5" 18-21 cm

Adult  Woman
Foot Length  8" - 11"  20-27 cm
(I wear a size 9.5-10 (European 42) women’s shoe and my foot measures 10.5" 26 cm not standing on it.)

Adult Man
Foot Length 10" - 12"  25-36 cm
(My son wears a 12.5 (European 46) shoe and his foot measures 11.25" 27 cm  long not standing on it.)

  • Adds a non-slip surface to walkways
  • Durable long lasting finish
  • Dry to touch in 30 minutes; dry to handle in 3 hours
  • Ideal for step treads, ladders, and boat decks

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* COPYRIGHT: All content is copyrighted to original creators as stated on their patterns. You may provide a direct LINK to the patterns on my pages, but you may NOT post actual full patterns anywhere in any media form. Any items made from patterns to Beverly Qualheim may be sold, but please make one for charity too.