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Bev's Loomed Newborn Booties
copyright Beverly A. Qualheim 2006
CinDWoods 14 peg Newborn Slipper/bootie Loom 
1 oz each of 2 colors of Simply Soft Yarn or Red Heart Baby soft  - You will be using 2 strands throughout!

E-Wrap aound the loom twice, and knit off 1 over 1 (single knit)
Knit 12 rows.
Turn up for cuff.
E-Wrap and knit 5 more rows.

Making the Heel  (the numbers represent the pegs)
E-Wrap just 10 pegs, hook the yarn around the tack.)
Knit off those 10 pegs. (
Now E-Wrap backwards but only on 8 pegs (starting with peg number  Knit those.
E-Wrap forwards again on 6 pegs (  Knit those off
E-Wrap backwards on 4 pegs (
E-Wrap forwards on 2 pegs (5.6.)
So now you need to increase the numbers of pegs you are working on again, increasing by twos to widen the heel out again, (just as you decreased by twos before).  Wrap peg number  Words of advice from Cynthia who sells this loom "I have found that if you wrap and pick the first peg added, and then go the other direction to finish to row, it is tight but doesn’t leave a hole."

I (Bev) still get a hole but it's managable.  More on that later.*

Now E-Wrap pegs 7 (knit that off) then 6.5.4. knit off.
E-Wrap pegs ( knit off.
E-Wrap pegs ( Knit off.
E-Wrap pegs ( Knit off.  You have made the heel!

To form the foot, E-Wrap and knit  about 10 more rows (depends how long you want the foot)  10 rows is about 3.5"  which is great for a newborn foot.  Do a couple more rows if baby has big feet!.

End off with the gathering method.

* Those holes in the heels.  Thread some of the same colored yarn onto a yarn needle and inside the bootie weave that yarn in and out neatly to fill in holes. 

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