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Bev's Little Orphan Socks Copyright 2007, Beverly A. Qualheim - All Rights Reserved
Sized for 3-6 months, 6-12 months, 12-18 months, 2-3 year old
Created for the many little ones who face cold winters, in orphanages, and elsewhere worldwide. Let's warm their feet! These are not hard to make and I know many thousands of pairs are needed all over the world.

Size 8 double pointed knitting needles 
2 oz Worsted Weight Wool ~ FELTED Pink pair (photo to the left)
<---  Pink socks to left -
12 - 18 month baby - Lamb's Pride yarn and then felted the little socks by hand washing and then drying in a dryer. I also knitted only 5 rows instead of 8 for foot. However, I decided I needed larger socks after making the first pair.  After felting they measure 2.5" across cuff (but it doesn't stretch much), 4.75" length of foot, and 4" tall from heel to top of sock.  Incredibly warm though!
2 oz Worsted weight 4 ply Red Heart yarn (will fit 2-3 year old)
Measure: 2.5" across cuff, 5.75" length
of foot, and 5.25" from heel to top of sock.
USE Size 5 Knitting needles and approx. 1 oz baby yarn  - (For  3-6 month babies)  see samples in photo to right.  I used 'Caron Simply Soft Baby' for the yellow ones and 'Lion Brand Baby Soft' for the blue ones.  Yellow measured 4.5" tall and 4.5" wide. Blue measured 4" tall and 4" wide.

Cast on 24 stitches then divide them evenly onto 3 needles- 8 sts on each.
Join and work knit 1, purl 1 around. Work in this ribbing for the cuff of the sock for 8 rounds.
Now knit every round for 8 rounds
Move stitches so there are 12 stitches on needle 1, and 6 stitches on each of needle 2 and needle 3. Now just work back and forth across needle 1 as follows:
Row1: Slip 1 stitch and knit to end.
Row 2: Slip 1 stitch and purl to end.
Repeat these 2 rows for 12 rows total, then work the first row again. The heel will now be 13 rows long.

TURNING THE HEEL - this honestly is not scary. Just go for it!
Row 1: Slip 1 stitch, P7, P2tog, TURN.
Row 2: Slip 1 stitch, K4, K2tog, TURN.
Row 3: Slip 1 stitch, purl to 1 st. before the last turn (there's a little space there), P2 tog, TURN.
Row 4: Slip 1 stitch, knit to 1 st. before the last turn (look for the space again), K2 tog, TURN.
Repeat rows 3 & 4 until all stitches at the ends are used up, ending with a right side row. There will be 6 stitches left.

With the right side of your work facing you, pick up the 8 slipped stitches and then knit them. (needle 1).
Using a new needle, knit across the stitches on the next 2 needles (needle 2). Using a new needle, pick up and knit 8 stitches along the other side of the heel, and continue knitting to the center of the heel stitches (3 stitches) (needle 3). There should now be 11 stitches on needles 1 & 3, and 12 stitches on needle 2.
The center of the heel is the beginning of the round, needle 2 contains the instep stitches. Begin decreasing as follows:
Round 1: Knit.
Round 2: Knit to within 3 stitches of the end of the first needle, K2tog, K1. Knit across second needle. On third needle, K1, slip 1, K1, PSSO (pass slipped stitch over), knit to end.
Repeat rounds 1 & 2 until there are 6 stitches left on both needles 1 & 3 and you keep the 12 on needle 2.

Knit in the round again for 8 rounds to finish the length of the foot.

Begin decreasing as follows:
Round 1: On needle 1: knit to last 3 stitches, K2tog, K1. On needle 2: K1, Slip 1, K 1, PSSO (pass slipped stitch over), knit to last 3 stitches, K2tog, K1. On needle 3: K1, Slip 1, K 1, PSSO, knit to end (center of heel).
Round 2: Knit.
Repeat rounds 1 & 2 until there are only 12 stitches left (3 stitches on needles 1 & 3, and 6 stitches on needle 2).

KITCHENER STITCH to close the toe:
Continuing to knit with needle 3, knit to the end of needle 1. There are now only 2 needles in use, 6 stitches on each. Cut the yarn, leaving 14”. Thread it onto a yarn needle for sewing.

Instructions for Kitchener stitch - great video
Instructions from this SITE
Hold the 2 needles parallel. You will now have a front needle and a back needle. Always keep the yarn beneath the needle as you work.
Step 1: Go into the first stitch on the front needle as if to knit, pull the stitch off the needle.
Step 2: Go into the second stitch on the front needle as if to purl, leave stitch on the needle.
Step 3: Go into the first stitch on the back needle as if to purl, pull the stitch off of the needle.
Step 4: Go into the second stitch on the back needle as if to knit, leave the stitch on the needle.
Now you have 4 new stitches to work with. Repeat steps 1 - 4 until all stitches are woven. Anchor on inside, weave in ends.

Start your 2nd sock right now!


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