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Bev's baby sweater patterns

5 Hour Baby Sweater- Adapted pattern - aka "The Weekend Sweater"  (K)

Adorable Combined Newborn SET at Bevs - (K) sweater, booties and hat

Bev's 1-Piece Baby Cardigan (K)   3-6 month size

Bev's Hexagon Baby Jacket (C)

Bev's Newborn Jacket/Sweater - (C)  Based on my baby shirt pattern 

Also on Bev's Country Cottage

*** Heather's Adorable Baby Set... pdf file (K) from Patterns is written in UK terms. Treble = double crochet, Double Crochet = single crochet. Hooks required are 4 mm=G, 3 mm = D: Permission is granted to sell items made from this pattern but NOT the pattern itself.

Joy's MOM'S Baby Jacket - (K)

Pat Z's Newborn Vest  (K)

Toni's Sweater - (C) (yellow sweater featured in photo above)

Aunt B's Baby Sweaters and more!!

0-3 month baby sweater -  (C) Susan Kraus

5 Hour Baby Sweater (C) crocheted version at Bundles of Love!

5 Rectangle Baby Sweater - (K) Lion Brand

1908 Baby sweater(C)  archived 1 year+

Abigail Baby Sweater(C)  archived copy

Athos Baby Sweater (K)

Aunt B's Toddler Afghan Sweater(K) now at Bev's Country Cottage

Autumn Leaves baby sweater (K)

Ari's Baby Cardigan (K) Newborn - at 'String and Sealing Wax blog

Baby 5 -piece Crochet set (C) - archived 

Baby Clouds Cardigan (K)

Baby Eyelet Cardi-Top-down (K)   Boys but could be changed to girls with colors and possibly button placement.

Baby's Sportweight Cardigan  (K) archived   newborn, 6 m and 12 m sizes (no photo)

Baby Ensemble (C)

Baby Girl Sweater set  -  (C)  0-3 months

Baby Norgi Sweater (K)

Baby Tuxedo (K)

Baby Yoda Sweater (K) newborn to 6 months

Barclay V-Neck Baby Jacket (K)

Basketweave baby blanket and sweater (K) 

Basketweave Sweater - 3-6 months(K)

Bella Bambina's Newborn Sweater (C)

Bernat Sweater garter set for preemies thru 12 months (K)

Bernat's Jean Jackets for Toddlers (K)

Besco & J.A. Esterly's Shell Sweater (C)

Besco & J.A. Esterly's Cross Stitch Sweater (C)

Besco and J.A. Esterly's Ripple Sweater and hat (C)

Cabled Cardigan with Hood (K)  from 'howstuffworks'

Cardigan Baby Ensemble  (C)

Charmers Set (C) vintage

Craftown Baby Cardigan (K)

Cuddle Me Sweater (C)

Cuff to Cuff infant sweater(K) 

Cute as  Button Baby Sweater 3-6 months (C)

Cutie Patootie Baby Sweater -   (K) from Barroco yarns (Newborn thru 9 months sizes given)

Donna's Crocheted Sweater (C)

Easy Baby Sweater (C)

Emily's Pineapple Sweater  (C)

Holly's Jacket (K)

Hooded Baby Sweater - (K) At

Hoodie for babies and toddlers (K) from knittingonthenet

Hooded Ribbed Jacket - (K) archived     6 months-2 yrs

Kalari Baby Jacket (K).

Jardin Baby Jacket (K)

Jimmy Baby Sweater Set (K) 

Infant Baby Sweater  (K) 6 months/1 yr sizes

Loop Trimmed Saque, bonnet and mittens  (C) - archived 

Joy's MOM'S Baby Jacket - (K)

Kelly's Sweater (C) Bella Bambina blog

Naturally Nice Sweater (K)   3-6 months

Newborn Cardigan - (C)   ARCHIVED

One Piece Baby Sweater - (K) 6 mth, 12 mth, 18 month sizes  ARCHIVED

Pauline's Seamless neck down cardi - (K)   at bonniebabies.  Fits 5.5 lbs to 7 lbs

Plush Pullover for baby (K) from 'howstuffworks'

Puffin Baby or Toddler Hoodie (K)

Raglan Sleeve Easy to make Baby Sweater (K) 6 - 12m cute sweater from Lindaslists ARCHIVED

Raglan sleeved baby sweater (K)

Red Heart Baby Jacket and bonnet (K)

Ripple Eyelet Sweater (K) so adorable!

Sailor Sweater   (K)

Seamless Yoked Baby Sweater-  (K) newborn - 6 mths

Seamless Yoked Sweater for babies (K)

Seed Stitch Hooded baby jacket (K)  from exercisebeforeknitting

Shell Stich Hooded baby sweater (C) 0-3 mth by Peanutzmom

Shortrows Baby Jacket (K)

Super Natural Stripes Baby Sweater - (K) newborn and several other sizes

Susan's Crocheted Newborn Sweater (C) 

Super Simple Crochet Newborn Pull-over  (C) Peanutzmom

Sweater for Infants(C)

Take Baby Home Sets (C)

Teddy Bear Cardigan (K) 6 m - 24 m sizes- at knittingonthenet

Toddler Hoodie - (K)  at

Toddler Pullover (K)

Top Down Seamless Ragan Baby Sweater - newborn to 3 mth or 6 months   (K) --- and Matching booties  (K)

Unisex V-Neck cardigan (K)

V-Neck Small Baby Sweater (K)

Weekend Baby Sweater (5 Hour baby sweater) ~ (K) adapted  pattern!

Wee Speedy Baby Vest (K)

Wrap Sweater- old pattern (C)

Zipper Up the Back Sweater  (K) 6 - 12 months

Zipper up the back baby sweater - (K) newborn - Knittingonthenet

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