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Bev's One-Piece Side-2-Side Hoodie - 2005, 2012 Beverly A. Qualheim
Free knitted baby sweater pattern - 3 - 6 months

Size 9 US regular Knitting Needles (and size G crochet hook for edging)
4 oz of Baby or sport weight yarn

Gauge using Bernat Softee Baby yarn:
8 rows = 1" 4 sts = 1"

(for warmer sweater use Simply Soft 4 ply worst weight yarn) and a few yards of contrast color (white) for crocheted edge

4 1/2" buttons
This makes a nice, lightweight sweater for babies born in the summer; knitted in one piece, from side to side.

Cast on 32  sts for the arm.
Knit for 5" (one arm done)
Cast on 29 more sts at end of row.  (61 sts now)
Knit across next row and add on 29 sts at the other end.   (90 sts)
(These added on sts will form the front and back of the sweater)

Knit 28  rows. (90 sts)
Bind off 49 sts to form the neck.

(Back of sweater)
Knit 4 more rows and cast on 49 sts again
* Knit 29  rows.
Cast off 29 sts and knit across the row.
Cast off 29 sts

(There are now 32 sts for 2nd arm)

Knit 5" for 2nd arm, and bind off leaving an 15” tail of yarn.

Fold sweater in half and whip stitch sides closed.

Attach yarn at neck edge using a size G crochet hook to sc around.

Sc in each 'stitch' around, make 3 sc on corners.
4 BUTTON HOLES: Make 2 button hole loops (chain 4, skip 1 stitch, sc into next stitch) sc into 6 scs, or evenly spaced down right side of front panel for boys, and down left front panel for girls.

With right side of the sweater facing you, and using circular needles size 9, find the middle stitch of the back of the neck,--  now, pick up 20 sts on either side of that middle stitch so you have 41 sts on your needle.  Attach yarn with right side of sweater facing you, and knit across.  (41 sts)
Knit back and forth for 6".  Bind off, cutting a 7" yarn tail.  Put the 2 sides of this hood together and use yarn tail to sew seam shut across top of the hood.  Sew buttons on and you are done! 

And here is a matching hat if you want to make that for extra warmth.
Bev's Matching Hat - 3 to 6 months
Size 9 knitting needles
Cast on 52 sts
Knit 10 rows
Purl 1 row (This forms a place to turn up brim)
Knit 34 more rows

Decrease for TOP OF HAT
***(K1, K2 together (going into the back of the 2 sts), K1 - repeat this sequence across row. Knit a row ***)
Repeat these 2 rows from *** to *** twice.

Cut yarn into a 15" tail, and use that to gather the top, (thread tail of yarn into yarn sewing needle, gently remove the sts off the knitting needle and weave the sewing needle and yarn through them. Pull tightly.
Fold hat in half and stitch seam together being sure to include the folded up brim.

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