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Bev's 2005 Charity Crafting Challenge 
Honoring Joseph Smith on the anniversary of his 200th Birthday
Joseph Smith Born 23 December 1805 - click for more information

Joseph Smith   Joseph
"All I can offer the world is a good heart and a good hand. -- Joseph Smith
(History of the Church, 5:498)"

The year 2005 marks the bicentenial of the Prophet Joseph Smith's birth, and to honor him on his 200th birthday. I am committing to making 200 items for babies and children.  It was well known that Joseph Smith absolutely LOVED little children and he would stop what he was doing to take time to talk to them and to join in their games.  He would often greet them before even acknowledging the adults at meetings or out in public.  Children felt safe with him and loved by him.  Joseph would try to make them comfortable and there are many journal entries about how he had touched their young lives.

Here are some of the items I am making:

- warm children's hats with my knitting looms and hand knit ones.
- mittens
- teddy bears and dolls to bring needy kids joy! 

I hope many of you will join me in making warm items for little ones in 2005.
I will be donating these  items mainly to LDS Humanitarian, and to other emergency projects as needs arise locally or otherwise.

      preschool mitts and hat - BEVbev's knit mittbuddy bear

I would LOVE for all of you charity crafters to join me - chosing to make 200 of whatever you feel is needed in the world, and you may honor whoever you feel is deserving! Think of how much good just our little group here will be able to do!!  With 100 people working together making 200 items each, we will be able to make 20,000 items for those in need!  That's phenominal!  Please encourage your friends and neighbors to join us too.

I will be listing all of us at the bottom of this page with our own unique ideas and projects.
If you wish to join in, please email me and let me know what you will make, who you are honoring and I will add your info to this page.   Then please join us on our 'encouragement group'! 
***  THIS IS A REQUIREMENT now so we can keep track of numbers! ***

We are sharing pattern links for good patterns to help us achieve our goals, and sending along words of encouragement.

AFTER you email BEV about
taking on the challenge,
Please subscribe
to ''bevs-charity-challenge'
encouragement group
. See you there!
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WHERE ARE THE PATTERNS? or you can use your own

You can make items for your own local charities, or favorite causes, or you can send items to LDS Humanitarian where they will be sent worldwide to children in need, regardless of religion, race or anything else.  If there is a need, LDS humanitarian works with established agencies all around the globe, to quickly and efficiently deliver goods to those who have need of them.

HOW ARE WE DOING? (You can only access this if you are part of the YAHOO GROUP)

-200- Goalers -

All of us have different heros to honor.  Mine will be Joseph Smith. Others may choose someone else, but we will all be honoring someone great in our lives! Who do you wish to honor?

  1. Ariadne - I will knit 200 items--50 preemie sock/mittens for "Stitches From the Heart", 150 chemo caps, for different  hospitals and I am going to try to knit a few leprosy bandages. In memory of three very special people.
  2. Ariane - I pledge to make 200 items for preemies and newborns to donate to I am doing this in memory of my Mom, Mary C. Lowe who passed away in February 2005. She taught me to knit as a child and was always the first one to make an afghan and special sweater for any baby born to our family (and extended family).
  3. Audra P. - I accept the challenge to crochet 200 or more cancer caps for head huggers in memory of my dad who lost his battle with cancer on Sept. 27, 2003
  4. Aunt B. - I will be donating 200+ baby/children/teen items to Pine Ridge Reservation in S. Dakota.
  5. Barb D. - 200 prs booties and Barb has now added 200 hats too!
  6. Becky B - I'm going for 200 children's hats.  For my late Grandpa Dunham
  7. Bev Qualheim LIST MOM - (honoring Joseph Smith, and my mom who died in 1983 and loved children) 200 babies and children's items
  8. Bernadette: I will make 200 items (sweaters, hats, and booties) for my favorite charity in honor of my mother Rose, who passed 3 years ago. Always a crochet hook in her hand.
  9. BJ - I will make and donate 200 preemie and baby items in memory of my infant son, Daniel and in honor of Joseph Smith\'s 200th birthday.
  10. Blanche H. - I will make 200 articles to go to the LDS Humanitarian in honor of the 200th anniversary of Joseph Smith.
  11. Bonnie C - 100 hats with matching mittens
  12. Bonnie S - I'm working on making 200 hats for our local hospital.  My family has been in lately and I wanted to do something in return for all they have done for my family
  13. Brittny - I would like to donate 200 preemie and infant items in honor of my little sibling Briendel who lost the fight for life in September 2004.
  14. Carole W - I will knit 200 preemie baby items this year in honor of my Lord Jesus and donate them to our local NICU.
  15. Carol in Kansas - I am going to try and get over 200 booties made to be given to God's Tiny Angels group and also our local RSVP organization in town whom gives to the hospital and also to the Unwed homes for girls in Wichita, Ks. I have already made more than 100 booties and will be sending them to Danette in God\'s Tiny other items.
  16. Cathy El. - I will be making 200 hats for the homeless.
  17. Chewelah Young Woman's, Chewelah, WA. We are commited to having the young woman make 200 baby items in honor of celebrating Joseph Smith's 200th Birthday. We will be sending the items to Salt Lake's Church Services.
  18. Chris - I promise to make a minimum of 300 pieces for charity. I am making hats/scarve sets, baby blankets, booties, baby-hats and teddy-bears. I will be making these items in thanks that I have a roof over my head and the love and support of my husband.
  19. Christen - I plan to crochet 200 baby items to donate to my local hospital and pregnancy center.
  20. Christena in NV - I found the 2005 challenge and I'm committing to making 200 pairs of baby booties for charity this year.
  21. Christine K - I wish to pledge 200 warm items in honor of my Grandmother who is is heaven. She is the one who taught me to crochet.
  22. Cindy - Hi all, I will make 100 winter neck scarves and hats for the homeless in Colorado and 100 combined booties and/or hats for premie and ill babies for Childrens Hospital in Birmingham, AL.  
  23. Danette - I will make 500 items for babies for the various hospitals Gods Tiny Angels donates to.
  24. Dawn M - Making 200 items for the SHIPS project in honor of her mother Barbara Powell.  She's always been there when I needed her, even when I was being a brat.  I'm 57 now and have kids and grandkids of my own, but sometimes I can still be a brat.  That's okay.  Mama loves me anyway.
  25. Debi - 200 scarfs and hats...maybe a pair of mittens of two...slippers, be given to the local charities here in the Elliot Lake, Ontario region. This is in honor of my son, Jason...who is traveling for an 18 month tour of duty, to Iraq on the 3rd of January.
  26. Deb R. - Please count me in for 50 infant items for my neighborhood hospital (in Sacramento, CA) and 50 adult items for the Veterans Home at Yountville, CA. This is to honor the memory of my late grandmother, Myrtle A. Franke--who taught us compassion by her own example, and first put a crochet hook in my hand when I was about 7 years old.
  27. Debbie B -I am in the process of making baby booties, lapghans, quilts, totebags and pillows(masectomy patients), and caps. I am doing the 200 challenge
  28. Debbie Th - I currently work at two different hospitals, and I am making cuddlers and snakes for now, once those needs are met I will make other things that are needed. I have made six cuddlers so far and I hope to reach the goal of 200 items by the end of the year. 
  29. Dee A. - I will make 200, infant items to be delivered to our local hospital, womens shelter, and our advocacy agency to assist our little ones in need. I am doing this in rememberance of my mother, (Mary Ann Evans) who taught me to crochet and has since passed away.
  30. Dianne L. - I will make 200 hats for the troops in honor of my nephew who served in Iraq.  I will try to make 200 booties for the local NICU at Children\'s Hospital in honor of my father who passed away when I was six, my mother who passed away in 2001, my nephew who passed in 2003, a sister whom I never knew, and my brother-in-law Roy who passed on Veteran\'s Day 2004.
  31. Dianne W - I will make 200 infant and preemie items in honor of my Dad who passed away 1985.  Love ya Dad.
  32. Donna - I plan to craft 200 items of various descriptions, eg. children and adult items and blankets.
  33. Donna B. - will make at least 365 items (1 item a day) for charity.  Items will include toys for the local animal shelters; hats, slippers, and cool-ties for our military; and afghans, booties, hats, blankets, sweaters, and burial outfits for hospitals throughout Arizona
  34. Donna H - I'm pledging 200 preemie and newborn items.... mostly hats and booties.   I will be making them in honor of my mother in law who passed away 5 years ago.
  35. Doris B - I will pledge 200+ hats, blankets and shawls for our local hospital and other needy folks in my home town.
  36. Doris - I pledge to make 200+ hats for the boxes for the Operation Christmas Child boxes for the Franklin Graham charity, plus lapghans for Long Beach Vets Hospital
  37. Dot - will make 200 hats for the homeless.
  38. Dove - 50 purses, 50 caps, 50 pr slippers, and 50 pr scrunchies
  39. Eleanor M, - I will make 100 scarves & 100 misc. items for Humanatarian Services in honor of Joseph Smith's brother Hyrum who I admire because of the way he loved & supported his brother.
  40. Ellen F - I would like to be a part of the 2005 challenge.  I can make 100 hats and 100 pairs matching mittens.  I will be working this challenge in memory of my beloved Mother, who passed away April 22, 2003.
  41. Evelyn W - I would like to take on your challenge for 2005 of making 200 items for charity. My goal is to make 200 items for babies (preemies)and donate to Parkland Hospital in Dallas, TX.
  42. Fox - I plan on making 200 hats, including other warm items in honor of my missing Grandbaby Conner, Our Blessed Mother and St. Francis of Assisi... Peace & Blessings.
  43. Fran B - I'd like to donate 200 hats and mittens in 2005 in memory of my mother who died 5 years ago
  44. Gail - 200 prs booties
  45. Gwendoline O - Hi Bev, I will make 200 baby and childrens items for our local and area hospitals and grade school.
  46. Heidi F. - 200 items for children 
  47. HooksnGrannies - is taking on our 2005 Challenge too
  48. Irene C. - In honor of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I pledge to make 200 baby booties and matching hats for local hospitals and charities in need.
  49. Jackie P in CT - 200 children's items.
  50. Jackie S. -I make baby items for the three hospitals in the Southcoast Group here in MA, as well as shawls and lap robes for their elderly transition units, and fetal demise pouches for various hospitals.  I also make hats and scarves for the underprivileged in my area.
  51. Jaqueline B - I commit to make 200 hats and booties for charity this year.
  52. Jessica D - I pledge to crochet 200 preemie and newborn hats for University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinic's NICU in 2005. I am making the preemie hats in memory of my mother Carmelia Butterfield.
  53. Jessica E. -I pledge to make 200 baby items to donate to those in need in memory of my dad Rafael, who went to heaven in September 2000
  54. Jessie T. - I'd like to make 200 preemie hats and booties to donate to our local hospital's nicu in honor of my grandmother, ina miller, who passed away three years ago.  she loved kids and unfortunately never had the opportunity to meet mine.  and I know that she would have joined the challenge as well.
  55. Joan - Bev, I would like to take part in your 2005 challenge to make 200+ charity items. I have found your site to be very useful & informative. I joined  last year after finding the link on your site.
  56. Joy C. - I pledge to make 200 bootees, caps, jackets and blankets during 2005 in aid of SA Cares 4 Life, Ruth Pregnancy Crisis Centre and Dr de Bruin.
  57. Johanna C - I am going to set myself a goal of 200 items and pairs of items honoring my father who passed away in 2005 for:
  58. Joyce in LA - I will promise 200 baby items (hats, booties, sweaters, blessing gowns) whatever is needed in memory of my Grandma and her two daughters. Aunt May & my Nana who always were crocheting something or other.
  59. Judy - I would like to make 200 baby items this year.  Hats, booties, afghans, etc.
  60. K. - I am going to make 200 items for preemie/newborn babies in the hospital
  61.  Our group would like to pledge 205 hats! teen/adult size caps to the Cancer Therapy and Research Center of San Antonio, Texas; and child/teen size caps, baby blankets, preemie blankets, and preemie/baby clothes to the NICU/Pediatric Wing of University Hospital, also of San Antonio, Texas.
  62. Kathy H - 200 items in honor of Joseph Smith
  63. Kate M. - I will be making hats, boots, dresses, jackets, blankets for premature and still born babies
    I wish to honour my beautiful grand daughters Joni and Grace Sharpe-Moore born at 20 weeks on January 29th 2005 who I was honoured to see but sadly will not know. I wish also to honour my beautiful daughter Carla, Joni and Grace's mother who is courageously dealing with the pain of her loss of her first babies every day and who I love so very much

  64. Karen B. - I'll be making 200 assorted charity items in honor of my mom-in-law Kate.
  65. Karen Br. - I'll make 200 little infant hats for our local Newborns in Need.
  66. Karen L. - 200 children's hats for local children's hosital
  67. Kaye R. - 200 preemie hats
  68. Kathleen - I'll be happy to add my meager offerings to the charity goals
  69. Kelly Mc. - 200 pet blankets in honor of St. Francis of Assisi
  70. Kim R. -I would like to start with 200 preemie hats and booties, either knit, crocheted or sewn to be donated to a hospital located in Oak Lawn Illinois.
  71. KM - I am going to make 200 baby items for charity in honor of my grandfather.
  72. Le Hand - I am making hats and pillows for our local Hospitol in Carroll County, Md.
  73. Linda B in SE Idaho - I am doing 200 children's items, including hats, slippers, dolls, and blankets, in honor of Joseph Smith and his love for children.
  74. Linda B. -I will make 200 items for charity. Hats, booties, blankets, sweaters mittens etc. to donate to charity. In honor of my mother who taught me to both knit and crochet.She passed away 6 years ago and wanted me to use my crafts to help others.
  75. Linda E - 200 preemie items in honor of her mother.
  76. Lindaslists - I plan on making 200 items. Slippers, hats, mittens, booties, afghan squares.
  77. Lynda G in CT - I pledge to make 200 various items and donate them to a local homeless shelter and children hospital.
  78. Lisa B. - I will pledge to knit 200 scarves,hats,and lap warmers(each)for local childrens cancer centers and also Serve shelter in our area(Manassas,VA)in honor of my mother,MaryAnn Conrad(she passed almost 10 years ago-she won a woman of the year award for volunteering,so I think this is wonderful project!!)
  79. Lisa S. - I would like to pledge 200 cancer caps in honor of various loved ones I have lost to cancer.
  80. Lisa T. - 200 children's hats and mittens in honor of the Prophet Joseph Smith
  81. Liz P. - I'm doing 200 baby/children items in memory of Laci and Connor Peterson. I will give these thru my groups I belong to.
  82. Lori K - I will accept the challenge to make 200 items for preemies (hats, booties and blankets).  I'm honored to meet this challenge.
  83. Lorna - I am going to challenge myself to make hats for Operation Baby Blanket and  Pine Ridge Reservation, plus make squares for Cheyenne Reservation.
  84. Lorraine - I pledge to make at least 100 prem and baby items in 2005 in honour of my sister Nina who passed away 4years ago sadly missed never forgotten
  85. Lorenci - Hey count me in, 200 hundred hats for st. judes children's hospital
  86. Marie E - I would like to do this for Joseph Smith. to honer his 200th BD. LDS Humanitaritan Center, Angels4preemies, and PineRidgeReservation SD.
  87. Marie W. - will make 200 items for children and babies--hats, mittens, scarves and hats for our troops
  88. Mary B. - I pledge to make 200 hats and 200 pair of booties for newborns in need.  This is in honor of my Grandmother, who taught be to knit, crochet and so much more.
    I also pledge to make 200 each of angels, butterflies and smileys for Angels For Hope and to use my scrap yarns to make 200 circles for Circles of Hope. These are in honor of the 3 babies I lost.
  89. MaryEllen - I'll make a combo of 200 hats & scarves for kids in honor of Arthur & Grace Leigh; my beloved parents. NEVER out of my mind or heart.
  90. Melissa - I will do 200 baby hats in honor of my grandmother Katherine who passed away in 2003. I will donate these in her name to two different charity groups that I am in.
  91. MO - I think this is great. My hero is also Joseph Smith. In honoring him I am making  500 granny daughter\'s motif to send to Circle of Hope Charity. I will also help in making 100 booties for LDS Humanitarian Center. As time permits I will make the hats too. God Bless everyone for their efforts.
  92. Monica P - I would love to be included in your goal. I would like to pledge 200 baby items: hats, booties, and blankies.  I would like to do this in honor of my Grandmother Virgie who taught me to crochet.
  93. Monica - I will be making 200 baby items, including booties, blankets and Bev´s teddy bears. The items will be donated to a hospital in Buenos Aires (Argentina) which is where I live. I will be making these items as a very humble way of thanking our Heavenly Father for my two most precious blessings, called Federico and Carolina.
  94. Monique - I would like to join the challenge and make 200 preemie hats to donate to military hospital NICUs.
  95. Nanc. D. - 200 preemie hats in honor of her mother who passed away in 2002
  96. Nancy E - I would like to pledge 200 pet snuggles for my local animal shelters. They will be divided between 4 different shelters.
  97. Nancy F. - I plan to make mittens, hats &, if time, neck scarves for Joseph Smith's 200th birthday.
  98. Patti L - 200 hats and pairs booties
  99. Pattie in SC. - My goal 200 hats for kids. I would like to dedicate my hat challenge to my own little angel,
    my grandson, Dakota, who went to heaven several years past.
  100. Patricia - I would like to join your charity challenge.  I pledge 200 knitted, crocheted and sewn items to be sent to Pine Ridge Reservation Healthy Start for newborns and their moms.
  101. Pam H- I pledge to knit 200 small teddies in 2005 for your project.
  102. Rachel in NC- 200+ items for preemies, newborns, and cancer patients for God's Tiny Angels and my local cancer hospital.  I am doing these for my nephews Jake, Keelan and JH.
  103. Regina G. - I will be donating 200 premee hats to hospitals who need them. In honor of my father who passed away in 1992.
  104. Robin Q - I pledge to make 200 items of misc. categories to help people in need this year.  I am doing this in memory of my grandmother.
  105. Rose - I will make 200 preemie items to go to the hospital that I work with in Ft. Wayne, IN.
  106. Rosemary M - I would like to make 200 various hats. 100 for local charities and 100 for LDS.
  107. Roxana - I am crocheting hats for the troops plus baby things so I know it will be over 200.
  108. Sally S. - hi I pledge to make 200 plus hats and/or slippers for our soldiers abroad. Plus 200 hats for kids at pineridge reservation.
  109. Sarah C. -  I promise to make and donate 200 childrens items (hats,booties,sweaters,teddies,blankets) wherever they are needed in our city.
  110. Shauna W. - baby items (hats, bootie sets, mitten sets, etc.)
  111. Sheri H - I found your 2005 Challenge and I'm prepared to donate 200 items to LDS humanitarian relief in memory of my mother who died two years ago and taught me the meaning of charity.
  112. Sheryl R.-  I would like to honor Joseph Smith Jr. by crocheting 200 or more baby items to be distributed to various charities.
  113. Susan - 200 chemo hats, scarves etc.
  114. Susan in SC - 200 items for children in honor of Saint Nicholas, Saint Anthony, and Our Blessed Mother (Mary)
  115. Sharon - I am not sure yet what I will make but I will donate all 200 items to a local charity.  I'm thinking anything they need to keep them warm..
  116. Sharon B. - I am making 200 pet snuggles for the local humane society in honor of my pet rat Miss Olivia.
  117. Shirley G - I will make 200 items in honor/memory of my father who passed away when I was 10 yrs old; my mother who passed away 3 yrs ago; my middle son who passed away 2 yrs ago.  I love and miss each of you very much.
  118. Shuggabby - I am a 22 year old wife, mother and a sophomore at Kennesaw State University. I will be donating a total of 67 layettes (201 items) to Tiny Stitches (
  119. ShySusie - 200 pairs of booties
  120. Susan - I will make 200 hats and scarf sets.   Will make 100 sets for chemo patients and make 100 sets for those people who may be less forunate than me.
  121. Susan M - I will make and donate to Lds Humanitarian center, local hospitals and the needy 200+ baby items. I am honoring all the people who have are helping me in my time of need.
  122. Suzanne C.- I will commit to making 200 items, mostly baby and toddler things, in honor of St. Joseph, protector of the holy family.
  123. Tammy K - 200 baby items (booties, hats, & sweaters)
  124. Theresa K - I took the bootie challenge (made 250) and would like to join in this challenge; to donate at least 200 crocheted items to Pine Ridge Reservation.
  125. Theresa P. - will be making 200 childrens items-hats, booties, scarves, sweaters... Thank you for the challenge.
  126. Tracey B - I will knit or crochet 200 items to donate to a program called O.N.E.H.E.A.R.T. a program working with women and children in Tibet.  I am doing this in honor of babies born there who did not make it due to lack of funds and care that they need.
  127. Tricia - I pledge to make 200 preemie baby items and send them to you to send where they are needed most in honor of my five children, the greatest gift God ever gave me.
  128. Tricia R - I'll make 200 baby items for Operation Bundles Of Joy, 100 items for kids through Warming Families!
  129. Workington Branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, England. Our branch of the church have taken on the challenge to make 200 burial gowns and baby blankets for the bereaved parents at our local hospital. We would like to do this in honour of Joseph Smith.

-100- Goalers -

A few people have written to say they are not able to make 200 items but can do 100 - so here is a special list of those people!  We sure appreciate your joining us!
  1. Angel D - I would like to commit to making over 100 hats to donate to my local cancer center and children's hospital.
  2. Betty - I am a grandmother of 7 and like to knit and crochet for the family and charity. I'll commit to 100+ items. I'll make hats, etc for children.
  3. Bobbi C - will make 100 items, including children's afghans for LDS Humanitarian, to honor Joseph Smith.
  4. Ivy - I pledge to make at least 100 items for preemies, babies, and children in memory of my sister Barbara who was born too soon.  I look forward to meeting her in heaven.
  5. Jane - Hi My name is Jane and I would like to make 100 hats for the homeless,chemo hats,hats for troops, leprosy bandages,baby and preemie hats in honor of my Aunt Caroline who I miss very much.
  6. Jeannine - I will make 100 caps and 100 pairs of booties for Newborns in Need, in honor of both of my Grandmothers, who taught me to crochet and encouraged me along the way, and who left me with instructions (and hooks and patterns) to crochet for others and teach others to crochet.
  7. Jen B. - I promise to make and donate 100+ items of booties, bonnets and hats for babies/kids in need.  I\'m doing this in honor of my mother, Audrey, who showed me how to crochet.
  8. Kathryn Y  - I will make 100 items for the homeless and for a children's home in memory of my Grandmother, Ethel McCray, who passed away 3/9/04, and for Mother Teresa.
  9. Karen - I will join the 100 items challenge and plan to send a variety of children's items to Stitches From the Heart and Children in Common.  Hopefully, I can do more than 100   items :)
  10. Kris - I will make 100+ preemie items and donate them to Project Angel Kisses & other charities in need.
  11. Louise H. - I will be making preemie hat and booties, blankets, and adult hats and scarves for the Homeless shelters and nursing homes in the Washington, DC area, I am commiting to 100 in honor of my Mother who die of cancer November 1999
  12. Mary M - I came on this late in the year, but I will still make 100 items for charity. I'll crochet leprosy bandages for Humanitarian Services, Stoma Covers and Cancer Caps to go to our local cancer centers, and items for preemies and babies, all through our Branch. I am doing this for those I've loved who were taken by cancer and for my Maegan who gave her baby back to Heavenly Father when he was born.
  13. Marsha - I will commit to making 100 items to include preemie and baby items, children's hats, scarves and mittens, lapghans, afghans and teddy bears and petghans for shelters.
  14. Nancy Ov - I am also a member of Angels for Hope and would like to make a personal pledge of 100 butterflies to be sent to people in need.  These butterflies will be made to honor my Grandpa Oscar and my parents Eiven and Anna
  15. Robin A - I intend to make preemie caps for the Universitty of MD's Neonatal Intensive care unit. I have already made and donated over 100. I am doing this for the brother I never knew that was born 2 years before I was, James Fonner and for my parents, Marie and William Fonner.
  16. Pam S - I will be making 100 charity items, and mailing them to various charities that I am fond off.  This I am doing in memory/honor of my grandmother, Lucille Hartenfeld, who passed away in 1992.  She was a dear woman, who was always crocheting for others.
  17. Sande J - I will make a total of 100 items for a variety of groups: babies, toddlers, elders and animals.This is in memory of my dad, Swede, who never met a stranger and always had a joke for them.
  18. Sandie P - I will pledge to make 100 items that will benefit someone in need, in memory of my sister Silvia, my mother-in-law, Stella, and my sister-in-law, Cindy, who died of cancer.
  19. Sarah in NV - I will accept the wonderful opportunity to make hats for the homeless, baby hats, baby booties, and slippers for organizations in the las vegas area. my goal is 100+ items :-) and i am doing this in respect for the lovely people who will receive my crochet items.
  20. Shauna - I pledge 100 items or sets of hats, booties mittens, hopefully doing more than that.
  21. Stephanie - I am pledging 100 baby, child and adult items. Mostly baby booties, hats and preemie afghans. Hopefully I will make more. I am doing this in honor of all the women out there who have miscarried and are unable to have a child of their own. I have gone through 3 myself and I am grateful for the two children God has blessed me with.
Doing as Much as They can!!
1) Suzan B - I will make preemie and baby items. Don\'t know how many. But, would like to send them to LDS Humanitarian services.
2) Subright -
I would like to join the charity challenge. my goal is to make 20 baby sets. Hat, booties or hat, booties and sweater.
Naida - I am crocheting hats, scarves, blankies, booties and mittens for children and babies mostly.
4) Brandi and Mandi (?)
I have recently set up with Scottish Rite to donate hats and blankets.
My friend Mandi and I will be doing this!