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Bev's Very EASY Newborn Booties 

2001, 2019 - Beverly A. Qualheim - All Rights Reserved. 
For charity or personal use only- do not post this pattern anywhere else, but you may sell booties made from it.
I made up this pattern while I was recovering from surgery.  It is quick and easy and good for beginners! You could make several pairs in one evening.

These booties are made in one piece, upside down T shape, and folded in half. You can make them all different sizes by v
arying hook size or number of stitches and rows. 


Newborn bootie size measurements
Foot Length = 3 1/4 - 3 1/2"

Height from sole to top of bootie is about 4 - 4 1/2"

(from sole to ankle bone) =
1.75" - 2.25"

ABREVIATIONS:   sts = stitches;     ch = chain;     dc = double crochet;     hdc = half double crochet;      sc = single crochet;      sl st = slip stitch,     FP and BP = front post and back post;

Size H (5 mm) hook
1 oz of soft 4 ply worsted weight yarn.  (Caron Simply Soft Yarn works great) 

Bottom of bootie foot
-- Ch 26
ROW 1: HDC in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across. (25 hdc)  Ch 2 (counts as a HDC on next row), turn
ROW 2 - 3: HDC in each hdc across row (25 hdc).  ch 2, turn.

ROW 4:  (you can change colors here if desired) DC in each hdc across row (25 dc) - do not chain 3 at the end, just turn

ROW 5 (top of bootie) : slip st in the first 5 dcs, ch 3 - in that 5th st- (counts as one dc) dc in the same st and then in each dc across leaving 4 unworked at the end.. (17 dcs)  Chain 3,  turn

ROWS 6 and 7 :  (change colors back)  DC in each dc across the 17 sts being sure to DC into the very last stitch, ch 3 and turn (17 dcs) 

ROW 8: Girls top: Sc into 1st st near hook, ch 3, sc in next st, repeat across to make a ruffle on the top.

ROW 8: Boys top: Alternate making a *FPDC and *BPDC across row, working the stiches in the front or back of the sts in the row below.

Finish off.  ~Fold piece in half and whip-stitch closed using yarn and big eyed needle, starting at the top of the cuff, working all the way down, and then across sole of the foot - this is the wrong side of the bootie.  TURN booties right side out and shape them with your hands to make them more puffy and rounded.  FOLD TOP DOWN.
click for WHIP STITCH DIRECTIONS to stitch booties shut

~ * ~  IMPORTANT:  Weave a length of ribbon in and out of the row above the heel to tie booties.  Or crochet a contrasting colored chain of about 60 chains. ~ * ~
* FPDC = Front Post Double Crochet.  Meaning you go down into the stitch below, in the front and make a dc in that stitch
* BPDC = Back Post Double Crochet.  Meaning you go down into the stitch below, in the back of the stitch and make a dc in that stitch

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