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Sew-Joining Your Squares to form a Blanket

granny blanketThis is something older children (6+)  and teenagers can do to help.  Set them up with yarn that matches most of the squares, or black is a good color to join them.  Print out this page so they can learn how to whip stitch the squares together. Younger children in the family can set out the squares into the pattern you want to use for the finished blanket. 

Blankets = 48" x 72" for a twin sized bed. 
(6" squares= 8 across x 12 down ~ 96 squares)

Crib sized blankets or lapghans for seniors, approx. 36" x 36". 
(6" squares= 5 across x 6 down ~ 30 sq)

lapghans for seniors 66" x 48" =
(6" squares = 6 across x 8 down ~ 48 sq)

1) You can use a large-eye needle to sew the edges with a whip stitch.  (Figure 1) Choose a yarn that matches your squares colors so it won't show as much.  (I used red yarn here so you could see what I was doing.)
2) The easiest way I have found to stitch the square together is to place them right sides together, so you are stitching on the backside of the squares; then whip stitch through the back loops only of the squares so that the pieces will lay down flat.   (Figure 2)

  Figure 1  Figure 2

3)  Lay out all your squares on the floor so you can make the colors look nice together  (8 sq x 12 sq).  (Or 6 sq x 5 sq for babies).   I recommend that you stitch a whole line of squares together to form a 'strip' of 12 (6) together.  Make 8 (5) strips like this and then sew the strips together.



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