Preemie Baby Patterns

If you are looking for patterns to knit,crochet or sew for premature babies, you have come to the right place.


    Bev's first son 33 weeker (photo above), Shaun 4 lbs 11 oz, Nov 1980 Her motivation for creating preemie patterns!

    BEV'S PREEMIE STORY: There are many tiny, new babies in need of warm hats, booties and blankets.  I started making preemie items because my eldest son was born 7 weeks early. Someone knitted a tiny yellow and green hat for him, that I still have. That was many years ago in LaCrosse, WI at LaCrosse Lutheran Hospital, but I have never forgotten how that one little hat, helped me make it through the hours of worry. I was so relieved that someone had made something just for my baby.  I knew I had to repay that someday.  That's why this website is here.