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Bev's Kitchen Towel Topper

(C) Beverly A. Qualheim 2015, 2017


Kitchen towel
Size H (5 mm) crochet hook, and a size 7 steel hook for poking the holes and creating the first row
Worsted weight yarn- (cotton or acrylic) several yards
Sewing machine or needle and thread

Take the kitchen towel and fold in half lengthwise, now cut carefully across that middle fold.
Fold the cut edge of the towel under twice (I try to fold under about 1/4" each fold, so not much) and by hand or machine, stitch across the towel. This will be where you crochet now.

Using the steel hook #7, poke a hole just under where the towel is tucked under twice.  
Row 1: Make 60 sc evenly spaced across the towel top.
(If you look closely you can see where I machine hemmed across the top of the towel.)

towel topper
Switch to larger hook for rest of towel topper.
Row 2: Dc in each sc across row, ch 2, turn
Row 3: Dc in every other dc across row. Ch 2, turn. (30 dc)
Row 4: Repeat row 3 (15 dc)
bevs towel topper
Row 5: Dc in each dc across. Ch 2 and turn (15 dc- counting the Ch 2 as a dc)
Row 6: Dc in next 5 dcs (looks like 6 counting the ch 2), chain 2 and skip 2 dcs; dc in next 6 dcs. (12 dcs)
Row 7: Dc in each dc across, make 1 dc in the ch 2 spot. Ch 2 and turn. (12 dc including the ch 2)
Row 8: Dc in every other dc. Ch 2, turn (6 dcs)
Rows 9-20: Dc in base of the ch 2, and in each dc across,
Ch 2, turn.
Row 21:  Chain 8, join on opposite side of the 6 dcs, to form and arc, then make 35 dcs across the arc so it 'ruffles' a bit.  This becomes your button and fits into the skipped 2 dcs of row row 6. End off and weave in any loose yarn ends.
towel topper
towel topper

Hang on Fridge or Stove handle.

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