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Stephanie's Knitted Purple Blanket
free knitted blanket pattern

Here is the knitted blanket my friends and I made our dear friend Steph. (It's all purple!) 

Bev's Seed Stitch Square:
  Size 9 needles (5.5 mm), approx. 56 oz worsted weight yarn (this blanket was made by many people so I am not positive how much you will need.

Cast on 33 sts and work 3 ridges (6 rows) of garter stitch. (should be 9" across)
Next row: K3, *p1, k1; rep from * across to last 4 sts, p1, k3. Rep this row until square's length is 6 1/2". Discontinue pattern stitch and work 3 ridges (6 rows) of garter stitch, binding off on last row.

Make afghan 6 squares across (54") and 7 squares down (63")  = 35 squares.

You can assemble the squares with a whipstitch. No need to add a border, but you can crochet one if you wish.

Here are some knitted borders:

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