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Bev's Swiffer Cover
Copyright Beverly A. Qualheim 2016

It can be so expensive to purchase covers for your swiffer mop, so why not make your own?  It's easy to do, and you can make one in an afternoon!   These work very well to use dry to sweep the floor, or use wet with your favorite cleaner to wash floors.  As you are washing the floor and the cover gets dirty, simply wash it off in the sink or in a bucket and keep going.  When you are done cleaning, you can pitch the cover in the washing machine and give it a good wash, and then toss it in the dryer or hang to dry!  Use it over and over again!

bevs swiffer cover  back of swiffer

Size I crochet hook (5.5 mm)
2 oz Crochet worsted weight Cotton  (#4 Medium)
I used Bernat Handicrafter cotton
Total length = 20"   width = 5"

Chain 17
Row 1: Dc in the 3rd chain from the hook and in each chain across. Ch 2 (does not count as a dc), turn.

Rows 2 - 8:  Dc in the stitch nearest to the chain 2.  Dc in each dc across, ch 2. Turn (14 dcs)
At the end of row 8, ch 1 and turn.

swiffer length

Rows 9 - 30: sc in each stitch across, ch 1 and turn.
At the end of row 30, ch 2 and turn.

Rows 31 - 38: Dc in the stitch nearest to the chain 2.  Dc in each dc across, ch 2. Turn (14 dcs)

At the end of row 38 begin sc-ing around the outside of the cover.  Make 1 sc in each stitch.  Corners make 3 scs.  End off leaving a long tail for seaming.

swiffer sc

Fold the last 8 rows over the rows of sc and  using a yarn needle and the cotton yarn, and whip stitch edges closed. Do that for both sides, and both ends of the cover. Flip each end right side out. Stretch to put over your swiffer.

Feel free to make and sell these covers also.

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