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For those of you like me, who love to knit and crochet and can't decide which one to do!
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knit-cro slipper

Mens Size 12-14 (finished size =13" long and 4.5" tall after stitching)
Size 13 knitting needs and a size H crochet hook for cuff
2 oz Red Heart Supersavor yarn in color # 1 and 2 oz in color #2

Knit using 2 strands yarn held together throughout

SLIPPER - Cast on 31 sts   (Women's Size medium - large, cast on 25 sts.)
Childrens - Cast on 18 sts

Knit 40 rows -  or enough to form a rectangle
Cast off, leaving a 20" yarn tail.  Fold slipper in half lengthwise.

Thread yarn-tail onto yarn needle.  Weave yarn through sts that form the toe at one end.  Pull tightly to gather toe. Weave yarn back through sts that form the toe to secure.

Whip stitch from toe to where cuff will start - approx. 7" in.  Back stitch 5 sts to secure before cutting yarn.
Now whip stitch the heel shut.  Back stitch 5 sts, and cut yarn.
TURN right side out.

CUFF (Crocheted)
Using double strands of one of the colors.
Join at heel part of cuff with right side of slipper facing you.  Chain 2.
RND 1: DC in each stitch around cuff.  Make sure you get each stitch.  Join in top of chain 2 with a sl st.  Ch 2.
RND 2: DC in each st around.  Join with sl st in the ch 2 of previous RND. End off leaving 4" yarn tail.  Weave the yarn tailvack through some stitches on inside of the cuff.

(OR if you want to knit, you can use double pointed needles, pick up the cuff sts and knit a few rows)


These can be made in various sizes by changing the number of stitches you originally cast on.  For example, you can make a women's slipper by starting with about 23-25 sts.

These slippers DO stretch to fit various sizes.

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