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c2c blanketBev's C2C Cuddle Blankie

I learned to crochet this style blanket and made one for my 2nd son for his graduation from Nursing School (much bigger than this one) and I am HOOKED! This one was made for a babies in Malawi. It measures 22" square. Do more rows for bigger blankets!  I have included some step by step photos and here is a YouTube video by "Mikey".

I promise, once you get the hang of this you will just crochet on and on and on!  You can make newborn blankets, preemie or doll blankets, dishcloths, scarves, and more!

Materials needed:
Size I (5.5 mm) crochet hook
860 yds Worsted Weight (#4) yarn (baby blanket 30" x 30") for our newborn kits  


CH = chain, DC = double crochet, slst = slip stitch

As the name implies (C2C = Corner to Corner) you are starting at a corner.  Here we go!
1: Ch 6 then
DC in 4th chain from hook. Dc in last two chains. (Square 1)


2: Ch 6 again (always at the beginning of a row) Dc in 4th chain from hook. Dc in last two chains.

3: Flip (turn) over square 1.
Slip stitch in the chain 3 space from square 1. Ch 3. Make 3 DC in chain 3 space. (You now have 2 squares)
4: You are at the beginning of a row here so ch 6, DC in 4th ch from hook and in last 2 chs, turn and join to chain 3 space in last square made from previous row.
Repeat this pattern until you have 30 "Squares" or as many as you would like for the square blanket.  30 will make a 22" blanket for a preemie, small baby, doll etc.  You can also add stripes in here wherever you choose. Do it just by changing colors at the end of the row.
Now you are going to decrease.
Instead of chaining 6 at the beginning of the next row, you will turn the blanket and slip stitch across the 3 dc's in the last square.  Join with a slip stitch to the ch 3 and chain 3 + 3dc.
Repeat doing this at the end of and beginning of each row till you are back to 1 square.

You can single crochet around the edge to finish it all off neatly. :)


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